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I feel really, really stupid right now!!!!!


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  • I feel really, really stupid right now!!!!!

    I have been out of high school since 1992 and have since completed part of the police academy and also been well into my computer career for over 10 years with a ton of certifications and have also been working as a reserve officer.

    I just found out that I never graduated high school!!!! I was never informed of this and was allowed to go through the graduation line and was also given an official diploma. I had to go out and get copies of my transcripts for a job application and the lady informed me of all of this. I am in shock right now!!!

    Is there anyway I can have this fixed without having to go get a GED? Can I count college credit hours towards this or anything?


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    You're kidding right?


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      I wish I was but I am not kidding at all!!!


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        Umm, I don't know, but I think you need to have a meeting with the current guidance councilor, the principal, -and, maybe, I hope it wouldn't be necessary, your lawyer?

        Are you a college grad? That should certainly count for more, if it's the highest you've completed.
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          I think you need to go to the guidance conselors officer at your school and review your transcripts. I'm about 90% sure that the college you went to is not going to approve you going to its school without a GED or High School diploma. The standards for graduation maybe different in 1992 then it is now. This may be where the mistake is.....
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            If you were issued a signed diploma, it shouldn't be that difficult to get the records at the school corrected. I'd be surprised if it was anything other than a record keeping oversight. If they want to battle you on it, I'd bring up the L word (lawsuit). I'm sure they'll be happy to help you out.
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              My wife has the same issue. Offically she has not graduated. She is shy one english credit and one math credit. Because she got expelled from a school in the school system. At the time they had a alternative school for the trouble making kids that is where she went to. At the time the school was part of the school system, and was accredited. Some how the school lost there accreditation and no longer exists. So those credits she got there, now don't count. She went through the graduation line with her class, she got a diploma. But now according to transcripts the diploma is not worth the paper it is printed on. She tried to fight it once, got very discoraged and gave up the fight. I hope you get it figured out.
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                Generally, those diplomas are "Certificates of Attendance" rather than "Certificates of Graduation."

                It's so the kid will still go thru the line without being embarrassed. If you truly have a Certificate of Graduation, it's a diploma.
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                  if you got the diploma, (along withbigj's have it. that should be warnted/

                  if there was a problem and they gave the diploma, thats on them. Once oyu have it, its yours.
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                    Some of you guys on this thread should know this, especially the older officers. A diploma doesn't mean anything. The transcripts are the "official" record of what you did in school and that you passed, how many hours and such. I'm also assigned to do background investigations as a part of my department's hiring process.

                    We don't want your diplomas, we want the transcripts. When guys/gals call and say, "I can't find my transcripts, will the diploma do?" The answer they always get, no matter what is, "No sir/ma'am. We must have a copy of the transcript."


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                      Well I found out that I was short a few math credits and they are going to let me take a class to clear them up and I will be all good to go.


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                        these are 'public school' we are talking about?
                        Because those strict nuns at the catholic high school I went to , would be tanning a hide..for some one to make a screw-up like that... LOL
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                          OMG!!! Is this going to screw up your continuing in the academy or anything like that?? I don't understand how the college that you attended didn't catch this.
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                            I would think the college would have at least mentioned this to you. Surely they asked for your HS transcripts when you applied. If they did not, I'd question the integrity of the college's admissions process as well.


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