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  • Personal protection equipment

    Hi all I see another police shooting with injuries as a K9 trainer I was always scared to death we would lose a dog my own dog receive some cuts and bruises in an encounter he healed from them just fine .

    do my question stems from what can I do as a senior citizen ive seen in the news numerous bad things happen ed a number of stabbing sand knife attacks etc. I often wondered why there was little available for our dogs . I began researching on my portable library IE iPhone G ogle and safari . Lo snd behold I ran into medieval history and early armor. An ingenious blacksmith came up with chainmaile armor it’s made up of various rings that were early welded by hand in his trusty forge thousands of rings to make a full suit only the king or very wealthy could afford it Well today there are reinsctment groups that us relatively cheap stuff on Amazon. Even cheap stuff will protect against a slashing knife attack it takes something pointed like ice pick or screw driver to penetrate it The biggest injury is blunt force a blow from a sword for example The suits were used in melatonin battles often a victor remoed hid aggressors chain maile for himself You can see done on Amazon there is custom made suits that are much stronger and can actually protect against arrows and spears as steel it a bit heavy at 30 pounds or do but it’s carried by shoulders so much easier it’s quite flexible and the coif or hoodie protects against neck snd heard injury I’m sure y’all either polyethylene armor as well as kevlar even meat cutters use chainmaile aprons and gloves or mittens .

    the take away of our K9 training was situation awareness It took something really gone bad to have to employ the dog as there was chancebofvsomevreallybserious injuries dogs were called furry bullets as we could stop them mid flight and call them back or off something not possible with bullets . Anyway the question is why is police protection seem minimal I’m not capable of athletic protection training except with my cane even that is minimal Military packs were heavy especially with plate armor New equipment is much lighter and easier to lug around . I’m sure that confrontations that often happen can be very fast and dangerous . Any thoughts?

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    What, exactly, is the question?


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      The OP is 80 years old.

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