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This Year's Spelling Bee Champ...


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  • This Year's Spelling Bee Champ...

    Video of this year's spelling bee champ being interviewed on CNN. What an ***. haha. I'm assuming this kid has never talked to anyone in real life but his mom.

    Last edited by concon02; 06-09-2007, 07:36 PM.

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      Woah, this kid is from Danville, CA. I lived there for like 10 years of my life. I worked at starbucks there.

      Also in Danville:
      The restaurant Bridges from Ms.Doubtfire.

      Rapper E40 lives in a ritzy neighborhood that's part of Danville
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        I'll tell ya...i really did laugh, but then found it kind of sad.

        It's like he has NO social skills. I mean, you expect him to be a kid, but if i didnt know better, i'd think he had NO intelligence. Really bizzarre.

        And you can see his evil little personality come thru when he's getting perturbed with the newscaster LOL...


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          He threw out the first pitch at the A's game last Wednesday. The same night I caught a foulball!!

          OMG... is this kid special needs or something?

          He is definitely NOT going to get the women.
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            From the looks of it he seems to have Asperger's Syndrome.


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              I want to punch him. I hate him for some reason. DIAF


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                Originally posted by rolt View Post
                From the looks of it he seems to have Asperger's Syndrome.
                This is true.

                In conclusion, we are all going to hell.


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                  ROFLMAO @both posts ^


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                    Originally posted by rolt View Post
                    From the looks of it he seems to have Asperger's Syndrome.
                    overprotective parent syndrome too. poor kid.

                    i kinda want to hit him too


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                      It was mentioned during the interview that he is home schooled. I guess that's what it does for some kids.

                      I feel like slapping this kid too! Where's the end of the line?


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                        The kid is home-schooled and obviously socially inept. He definitely has some intelligence so I would say that his mother is doing her job at educating him intellectually. The problem arises when these kids are basically shut off from society. There are thousands of kids being home-schooled and I know there are groups of these kids that get together for the purpose of socializing amongst peers. I hope that option is present in Danville. If not, this kid will either be found in a bag in a ditch or he'll be the one putting the body in the bag.

                        I also wanted to slap him.

                        my .02


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                          I wanna slap him and then take his bike.....

                          I was once in a spelling bee, but I lost because the other contastents cheeted!
                          Last edited by Scott941; 06-10-2007, 11:15 AM.


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                            God, imagine when he gets out in the real world, all the punching, hitting, and slapping he's gonna endure...AND be bikeless!!

                            *spell THIS, kid!*
                            Last edited by Jellybean400; 06-10-2007, 11:55 PM.


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                              I home schooled up until 5th grade. I'm glad I didn't continue on with it... I had a good friend who's brother was brought up home schooled. He had no friends and was very socially awkward. A year or so ago he had a couple schizophrenia issues... Went to people's doors saying he was either A. Jesus or B. the anti christ.

                              Was pretty weird to hear about.


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