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Oops- got caught.


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  • Oops- got caught.

    Hehe- had to run out to the academy the other day to get copies of some papers they had- they closed at 1730- it was 1715- albeit the lady was going to wait for me till 6- I was trying to be a little nice and get there a /little/ quicker.

    Did I say little?... I came around one of those ver long wide sweeping turns (that make you go "will this EVER end?.. its got to be 2 miles in radius")

    I had a car in front of me and saw his taillights light up almost at random. lol

    well, you know how stalker can do "target/fastest" - I came up fastest.

    Pulled over, way over- he stops behind me for a second, i guess he knew me from somewhere- i believe he was on the same shift as one of my friends thats a local trooper, but i didnt figure he would remember me or anything- pulled his car up window to window with mine and we talk a moment.. and we say our 'have a nice day' and w/ a wave im off back the next 4 miles to the academy (I had already graduated about 6mo ago- just needed to pickup copies)

    verbal warning aint bad for 88/60 - I swear I dont /usually/ do more then 10 over

    i think one of my coworkers at the police station was stunned by a verbal for almost 30 over- said I needed to buy that trooper some flowers and a thankyou card- especially some of the FHP guys are well known to write up thier own momma for 15+ over
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    I was never much of a traffic cop, but 30 over and close to 90mph, would have earned you a coupon from me...dispatcher or no dispatcher.
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      Im with excompton.. thats NOT the way you need to be drivng and around here, you would have been written...friend or not.
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        As long as the lesson is learned and you slow down (a LOT), then the warning is well-deserved.


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          Sounds like a Starbucks Gift Card to me......(:-]
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