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I just got the news.


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  • I just got the news.

    I just got the news- and now that my blood pressue is down enough to look at a computer screen again-

    Im going to be a daddy.

    Only the fathers out there know the horrors going thru my head at the moment.

    financial ability, staying up all the time, not being able to take care of my own self- much less a kid, hoping that they have 5 fingers and toes (and then not wanting them to have arms)... yea its all in store for me now.

    At least I was able to wait untill I was 25. ... (by the way we had an 'if it happens it happens' approach because my gf has a thyroid issue that she was scared if she attempted certain preventive measures- or if she waited too long shed not get to have a child).

    Just sharing. Advise/tips/ragging all welcomed.
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    Just wanted to say congratulations! I have two kids myself........don't sweat the small stuff, enjoy goes by too quickly!


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      Congrats man! Way to go!


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        Being a father is a great thing, if you handle it correctly.
        Correctly,,,,thats a laugh.
        Who knows if what you do is wrong or right, being a parent.

        Having my daughter was the greatest thing to EVER happen to me.
        Be happy, love them, and have fun.


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            Congratulations! You're going to love it!
            "Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything!"-Wyatt Earp

            "You never know when crazy will show up!"-Irishdep


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              You're going to be fine...we promise....and congrats!!!!!!!!!!!

              I don't agree with your opinion, but I respect its straightforwardness in terms of wrongness.


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                Conratulations!!! Hope all goes well for you and your girlfriend and when the big day comes along you'll have to let us know if she had a boy or girl. or..... she could have TWINS! I bet your blood pressure just shot up again huh?

                hee hee hee, ain't I a stinker?!?!
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                  sigpicMy statements do not represent my agency.


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                    Congratulations to you and your wife...

                    My wife is four months pregnant as of tommorrow. I know how you and your wife felt about the whatever happens , happens approach. We were in a similiar situation. I also thought about the financial stuff, but the most important thing is for you to enjoy this time with your wife.

                    Oh yeah, I don't care how big and tough you are, when you see your baby for the first time through the sonagram.....

                    P.M me if you have a question.
                    Saving the world,one funeral escort at a time....


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                      mazel tov

                      Congrats. best of luck to you and your wife
                      Why do we try so Hard for Little things, and so Little for Hard things?

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                        Congrats, Just wait till your child looks at you and says, "I love you daddy," you will melt.


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                          way to go!! take lots of pictures and video. They grow up super fast. I , we had our first child at 20, I was 9 months and 1 day out of boot camp.....should have listened to my DI. Anyway know I have teenagers! I would trade being up all night ANY time than this. Enjoy it....


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                            Mazel Tov !!!


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