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  • Jellybean400
    Oh man...the fluff-n-stuff reminded me...

    We call the Jersey state troopers "strutt-n-fluff"

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  • jerseyshorecop
    "Joey Bag-o-donuts"........Any kid from south Philly

    "Johnny fishhead".............A homely DPW guy

    "Johnny G-man or G-stain".........a loverboy patrolman

    "Cliff or Cliffy".........................a know it all patrolman AKA Cliff Claven

    "zippy the pinhead"..................A none too bright special officer

    "the fat man"........................a local judge

    "Frank n' beans or Beaner"........a really nice guy patrolman

    "a tuna or to gaff a tuna".......................any local big-shot bagged for DWI

    "Jukebox Johnny"...................local DPW guy who always had a beatbox

    "Annie Oakley".....................any female officer who can't shoot

    "Davey Crockett"....................any male officer who can't shoot

    "K & A girl or fishtown girl"......................any female from working class neighborhoods in Phila.

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  • Malaru
    i know a lady they called 'fluff-n-stuff'- one of the worst at getting the obvious done- i dont think shes successfully defended a speeding ticket i court yet.

    and there is an officer named 'eore'- due to his monotone calmliness and when hes on the radio he sounds like the world is falling down on him w/ no hope in sight- we used to kid about not having him go to certain places (such as mental homes) afraid hed make them commit suicide.

    spaz- just short for his last name- he dont mind.

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  • PhilipCal

    My last name is Callahan. Do I have to tell you my nickname?

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  • JonMcD1980
    Originally posted by jerseyshorecop View Post
    The Hitler Youth........Various Special Officers who might have been overzealous
    Thats hilarious...when I was on nights and we were pretty stacked for personnel on that particular night, our Lt. would always say, "Oh God, the Hitler Youth will be out tonight. It's not safe for anyone on the streets tonight." Extremely proactive when shifts numbers are up!!! Good Times

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  • sgttom
    theres stories to these, the "innocent" still go by / are refered to by these nicknames: Hope this falls withn what you all are talking about. These are some;

    Rainman looked and acted just like the character of the movie
    Skillet after a rook who dusted a rock for prints
    Horndog self explanatory
    Capt. Chaos officer who gets people to beat on him all the time
    Skeletor: had a lt. who looked just like that He-Man character
    The Voice a guy who could imitate various voices of command staff, most
    notedly, "call 'em in" calling in units for the end of their shift.
    the real Lt was SO MAD, trying to figure who was calling the
    shift in - when he never did).
    Bushdog after one of the guys was caught stalking an ex-gf
    treefrog another guy caught stalking, hiding up in a tree
    benchman guy caught having relations in the back of his unit
    hollywood thought he looked so good (former male "model")
    hotlips female officer with pouty lips
    Radar: a guy who looked just like the character on MASH
    PCF Primary Collision Factor, officer who crashed a lot
    Weeze Weezer. Old, veteran officer who couldn't run, period.
    The Shadow officer who shot at her own shadow during a building search
    Tumor guy who's always on his cellphone

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  • (S)Sgt Elmer
    I love this thread.

    My flight had a guy PCS in, he was on the bigger side. Not really a fat guy, but everyone called him that. We had enough manning to put a troop into the patrol cars for experience so that gave me the chance. The fat man's partner was always "Jake"....Jake and the Fat Man.

    We had a Captain that could not stand still to save his life. He was called Shakey. Maybe mean, but accurate nonetheless.

    I had a supervisor who was really tall. I remembered a story from the book A Soul of Cop, with a really tall dude who called himself Stretch. So that was his nickname from then on.

    We had a guy called "Rog" because he never, not once, said "Roger" or 10-4 or anything else when answering the radio.

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  • Jellybean400
    LMAO @"Pootie"

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  • nctroop14
    Hahahaha this is a good thread.....

    Me and a guy I work on the same shift with just got the first new Dodge Chargers in the county so they dubbed us "Hustle and Flo"....(After some movie)

    I worked with a guy who was about 5'3 but acted like he was 7'3 so we called him "Small and that's all"...

    Patrol School is where we had the BEST nicknames!!
    - "Beetlejuice" an ugly guy
    - "Shrek" a big guy with a big head and little ears
    - We had two male instructors who were real close and looked the same and they were mean as hell so we called them "Uday and Qusay" (S. Hussein's 2 sons)
    - We called our Sgt. who was even meaner "Sgt Satan"
    - "Pootie" this guy who ALWAYS had gas (He almost made me quit b/c he stunk so bad)

    I could go on.....

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  • 1042 Trooper
    We had an officer who through no fault of his own had several prisoners hang themselves in the jail while he was the supervisor there. His designated nickname: "The Rope."

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  • LCPLPunk
    The guys in my old Army unit used to call me Luscious..not sure why though, maybe they liked me.. :P

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  • pulicords
    We have a "Tree" too. A female officer about 5-11. We had an officer who through no fault of his own had several prisoners hang themselves in the jail while he was the supervisor there. His designated nickname: "The Rope."

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  • 1042 Trooper
    We had...

    "Back Door Eddie" - had to do with his sexual preferences. 'Nuff said.
    "Butt Monkey" - This guy had a "but" for every opinion.
    "The Flaming Quill" - He wrote everything that moved.
    "Weasel" - ALways found a way to avoid flipping the dinner check.
    "Skipper" - Retired Naval Officer who joined the patrol
    "Pencil Neck Floyd" - Looked like a 95 lb weakling but held a seventh degree black belt in Kempo Karate. We used to have him go in forst to bar fights
    "Suck Up Buck" - Every department has one.
    "Tree" - This was mine for obvious reasons at 6'10"

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  • Irishluck31
    We have eartquake, hes the guy who causes movment on the rictor scale with every step. We also call him break time and pork rine.

    Ape, he the guy whos arms are so hairy he has to use a straight wire mic because the coil pulls the hair out of his arm. I called him "ouch" when he had a coiled one.

    Sis and slick are the same guy. Every winter he slips on ice and falls causeing overtime.

    Gordzilla, guy with huge head.

    Miss Peepers, Dispatcher with the squeeky voice.

    Barrowed Time, the cop who cant stop getting stabbed.

    Barrowed time two, the dispatcher who like to choke on her food.

    Pink Slip, the guy who is going to get fired he just doesnt realize it yet.

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  • mac266
    My whole shift shares nicknames. I'm "Shooter," because I'm THE quintessential gun nut. I collect guns, shoot guns, have them custom made, and compete in three different shooting competitions. I reload my own ammo (my garage is a small factory), and spend my free time teaching people how to shoot. Shooter fits.

    We have "Cojack," a bald white guy.

    "Tank" went to the academy with me. You can guess why he's called Tank.

    Tank's twin is "Schrek," for the same reasons.

    "Hot Chocolate" is a Black playboy. He named himself

    "Melvis" was a play on the guy's real name, combined with Elvis. He has chops, man, real chops in 2007.

    There are a few others, but I've been up for about 30 hours. Why am I still here???

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