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Applicants & Laterals - Worried about Los Angeles Housing Prices?


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  • Applicants & Laterals - Worried about Los Angeles Housing Prices?

    For those of you who are concerned about the rising housing prices in Los Angeles, be concerned no more. A new price standard has been set.

    Allow me to introduce "The One for The One", Los Angeles' most expensive house priced at one half Billion dollars.

    Property tax is a mere $6 million per year (a paltry 500k per month, or $16,438 per day). CHP officers who pull a few Zeeps should be able to afford that. Just picture yourself driving your take home black and white up to the front door, your manservant dutifully standing there at attention, waiting to park it for you in your garage.

    A 100,000-square-foot home in Bel Air, California that's said to be the most expensive home in the U.S. at $500 million will soon hit the market.

    Going too far is half the pleasure of not getting anywhere

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    Enjoyed that. Thanks for posting.

    Then there is the other end of the housing market. 3rd floor walk-up, efficiency apartment, entrances and hallways staffed and patrolled 24/7 by drug dealers, parolees, and hookers, all for less than $2500 per month, utilities included (when anything works). Nearest parking for your city ride is probably a 20-minute walk, but it probably won't be there when you come back for it.

    Of course, you could just skip the whole job thing, sign up at a city social services office, get a voucher for the same apartment at no charge, along with a pre-loaded EBT card, accepted at any grocery store, massage parlor, or crack house in the city. No need for that expensive health insurance plan, just stop in the local emergency room for all your medical needs for free! Prescription drugs are overpriced anyway, so just consult any teenager in the barrio to get what you need for half the price.

    But if you insist on that lame old "working for a living" plan you can forget about living in any of the better housing projects, which are reserved for those who really deserve a home. As a cop you shouldn't expect to associate with the better social groups.


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    Retired, you are more than correct.

    I own a Section 8 apartment building in an area of Los Angeles so bad that at one point, HUD deliberately lowered their housing subsidies to encourage residents to move to a better neighborhood. Nonetheless, the monthly rents Section 8 still pays for apartments in that Zip Code Are: 2 Bedroom - $1,950; 3 Bedroom - $2,613; 4 Bedroom - $2,875.

    I remember when as a kid living is a decent neighborhood, our rent for a 2 bedroom duplex was $50 per month. Over 23 years it creped up to $75 per month. But, those were ancient times when a candy bar was a nickel and everyone had a heart attack when the price later jumped to a dime.
    Going too far is half the pleasure of not getting anywhere


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