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Comment on L.A.'s May Day Demonstration


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  • Comment on L.A.'s May Day Demonstration

    I received this e-mail and thought that it offers some excellent observations. I did not check on its authenticity.
    RIOTS by Tom Gorey (a retired Detective living in LA)

    I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the LAPD clearing MacArthur Park
    in Rampart Div of LA, yesterday and roughing up the anti American
    Illegal and legal aliens, with rubber bullets and batons just like the
    authorities do in their own countries. It was almost like watching the
    Cinque/SLA bake off years ago on prime TV.

    I could not believe my eyes that finally someone in the police department has enough balls to stand up and counter criminal elements as they disrupted the public peace by their rock and bottle throwing, and stopping and harassing citizens passing by. And even to make arrests. Now starts the Bull**** of
    overreaction by the POLICE. They even knocked some of the press people
    on their ***. The newscasts on the Latino stations, Telemundo and
    Univision that night portrayed nothing but anti-police sentiment over
    and over and over and over and over and over again. You talk about how
    to incite a riot with this type of rhetoric. But it was not unlike the
    anti American rhetoric they continually spit out on a daily basis.

    Since my wife obviously understands the lingo she is most upset at these illegal aliens trying to take over and tell us, and our wonderful cowardly
    government members of our legislatures etc, to abide by their unlawful
    demands and make them legal or ELSE. And my question is Or else What?

    I would just love to see any of us go down to Mexico or anywhere else
    in a foreign country and DEMAND rights. I would love to see any
    American get jobs, send their children to school, complete with free
    breakfast and lunches, and demand more in welfare and hospital care.

    Last year at Montebello High school the Latino students put our
    American Flag upside flying beneath the MEXICAN flag and cheered.
    Montebello is an area that is mostly made up of second and third
    generation Latino, and even further back than that. I was as appalled
    at seeing that as most of the Latin Veterans were who fought for this

    OK I will go back into my hole again and check to make sure that we can still salute our flag, this is still our land and we can still carry a gun; and tell these illegals that contribute to themselves and send billions back to
    their home land to go back there or go to hell!

    Oh did I forget to add that this area of this once beautiful Park was dedicated to an American General, Mac Arthur and in this day and age, and even while I was working LAPD that, this was the place to get counterfeit
    Identification including facsimiles of INS green cards, social security
    cards, and Driver license. Then if one wanted to buy, and still can, any
    type of illegal drug cocaine, marijuana, heroin and other cultured
    drugs. On top of that it was and still is a hot bed of Social type
    people including the communist party. This area was once the pride of
    Los Angeles and has turned into a 3rd world country with crime rate,
    including murder, robbery and all assaults of all kinds skyrocketing.

    But this riot is obviously the fault of the police officer for starting such police riots against the fun loving, family orientated illegals that permeate this
    area. Amen
    Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence!

    [George Washington (1732 - 1799)]

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