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Chief Sells Out His Men


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  • Chief Sells Out His Men

    Just wanted to say how disgusted I am with Chief Bratton of Los Angeles. To pass judgement on so many good troops in Metro's B Company is cowering to the Mayor and the protesters.

    Bratton use ot have balls, but I guess he's more worried about his image or contract renewal to remember what it was like in the field.

    Hopefully we can all give moral support with letters and emails to Bratton and let him know that he's down more to kill moral then anything else.

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    Chief sells out his men.

    Chief, I've posted my thoughts on Chief Bratton on several threads in this forum. Basically, they're the same as yours. Take care, and stay safe.


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      You want to bash cops take it to the scum bag forum, Chief.

      there is a delicate balance between the ability to run a police department and keep everyone happy. Afterall, thats what Chiefs do, right Chief?

      Walk a mile in his shoes then sit back on you high horse and talk what ever talk you want.
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        Gotta agree with the group on this one. The AP report saying the police "were videotaped using batons and firing rubber bullets at demonstrators and journalists gathered in a park after an otherwise peaceful march" really burns me. My understanding was that several officers were sent to the hospital after being struck by rocks and glass jars containing frozen urine. No protesters were severely injured, which should be commended, not criticized. One of the big reason this story has gotten such negative attention is because the media present found out that their press passes don't give them all access when they are ordered to leave an area by police. That LAPD chief should be fired.
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          I know people are not going to like what i say but oh well...........

          I dont think they should have fired rubber bullets, no they should have been live rounds. If you knew you were going to get hit by rubber why would that scare you ? A bottle should be considered a dangerous weapon, it should be justified to shoot and kill. If 1 person in that whole march did anything wrong than the whole(group of people) should be free game. Why ? If you stand next to some blood gang members in crip turf expect to get shot. Same logic with those people, you cant play dumb and say you didnt know. I bet 5 bucks that at least 80% of the people in that march knew they were going to escalate it. If they didnt want to get hit by the rubber bullets than they should know to get on the ground. not run around like idiots.

          has for the chief, he should resign. When the bad guys figure out that this top cop is more of a puppet than a cop, the crime is going to go up. Police Depts. should look protective of its people and look like some real scary guy that the bad guys dont want to mess with. Now all the bad guys have to do is scream wolf and the good guys take the hit.

          I think someone should give that chief a pink patrol car and see how much respect he gets. Im sure he could fight crime better.
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            This has been standard issue since Gates left.

            This is why I chose against joijing LAPD when I gre up there - too political. I don't know how the troops there stay motivated.
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              A police chief in any major city is a political figure. They will do what the mayor wants regardless or lose their job. Is Bratton selling out his guys? Yes, probably but whatever happened that day created a fecal weather system that in the end had to have a face put on it. The face or faces in this case being the officers who will be suspended or fired. To appease the masses heads have to roll and people, right or wrong, will be held accountable. I
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