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Strange things on the graveyard shift


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  • Strange things on the graveyard shift

    Hey folks, 10 year police vet here. I've worked for both a medium and a small size agency, in patrol , FTO, tactical and investigative capacities. For almost 3 years straight, I worked nights. the dreaded grave shift haha. Im currently in the process of compiling stories of the strange things that cops see or have dealt with on graves for book publication. Now, I don't mean things like a 400 pound tweaker wearing a pink tutu riding a Shetland pony down Main Street, but more along the lines of things that can't be explained. The bumps in the night, ghostly things, strange sights, things that are only seen in the middle of the night. creepy things lol. Basically, a police ghost / unexplained story book. Any submissions will receive full literary credit and an eventual digital copy of the book. Thanks fellas. If you'd like to contribute please send stories to:

    [email protected]

    You can also pm me here with any questions. Thanks and stay safe.

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    I like this idea!
    Former Police Officer (Injured LOD)
    USAF VETERAN 2004-2012
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      Out of memory
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      -Ernest Hemingway


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        15 yrs as a SUPERVISOR at a maximum security prison on Midnights........................
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          No, but I'll give you one that can be explained by those that were in on it.

          Back in the mid 1970s, someone burglarized a couple National Guard facilities and stole a bunch of M-16s. The state panicked and decided to install burglar alarms on every National Guard weapons vault in California. The state being the state, they went for the low bid contractor, which turned out to be Joe's Flower Shop and Airline Company, or some such business that didn't have any real expertise in alarm systems. Being extra cheap, the systems they installed didn't ring into a central alarm center. Instead, they rang directly into our dispatch centers via a telephone dial in system.

          The alarm receivers rang like a telephone and then received analog tones that were converted into a location that displayed on a box. Someone figured out that if you dialed the phone number assigned to the alarm receiver from a regular telephone and then whistled loudly into the phone, it would open a speaker on the receiver. As the receiver sent out tones to try and speak to the sending alarm unit, one could talk into the phone and their voice could be heard eerily among the tones on the receiver's speaker.

          On graveyard shift we had a couple people working dispatch who were one enchilada short of a combination plate. Occasionally when they were on duty, the National Guard alarm box would ring. But instead of printing out a code indicating the location of a facility being burglarized, a speaker would activate, in the laarm box, computer tones would be heard and in the background, an eerie ghost like voice could be heard calling out a dispatcher's name saying, "Come to me. I'm waiting for you."

          Interestingly, none of the victim dispatchers ever reported anything unusual happening on those shifts.
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            haha! "one enchilada short of a combination plate"


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              Everyone likes a good ghost story.


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                bump it up!


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                  I was in the local park about 2 a.m. backed up to the baseball field backstop. I was concentrating on writing my latest incident report when, "TWANG!" The sound was fairly loud and sounded as if something hit the car. I was getting back into my report again and, "TWANG!" I jumped out of the unit and saw the radio antenna was still vibrating. I looked up and saw thousands of bats racing around eating the bugs attracted to the lights in the park.
                  Pete Malloy, "The only thing black and white about this job is the car."


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                    I had a beat partner who was a stunning tall, skinny, blue-eyed blonde former professional model in her early 20s, who had absolutely no sense of decorum- she would drop trou right in front of me in the middle of the night, to take a pee.

                    We worked adjacent beats in a rural area, so for officer safety reasons, we did everything together, including "reading G.O.s".

                    She was actually a pretty good beat partner.

                    We had a Lieutenant who was a major leg-humper, which required her to disconnect the GPS on her patrol car to prevent him from following her around all night like some kind of pathetic stalker.

                    She was also a raging alcoholic, a whiskey fiend, and in spite of our age and gender gap, a drinking buddy of mine for sunrise "choir practice" after work.

                    My wife, who is young enough to be my daughter, also socialized with her, but was never completely comfortable with my relationship with her.

                    It was kind of a complicated relationship...
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                      If I may...

                      While I'm not law enforcement, I do work the graveyard shift as a building engineer. This is not personal experience, but it was relayed to me by a third party who experienced it. He was working in the former Gulf Building in Houston, an Art Deco skyscraper which was completed in 1929. He noticed, while making his rounds, that an eerie thrumming sound could be heard in the basement...but only for about one hour each week. Same day of the week, same time of day. Nobody could explain it.

                      A couple of years later (this was in the 1990s) the architects were planning some renovations and wanted to run new utilities. So they tore into a basement wall in the vicinity of the area where the noise was heard. They found...a long-forgotten mechanical room which had been bricked up and walled off some fifty years earlier. And, in this mechanical room, there was a natural gas-powered emergency generator...with a once-a-week exercise timer, which was still running! The timer had been starting that generator, as scheduled, for one hour a week for fifty years with no maintenance, no oversight whatsoever!

                      I really would like to know what they did with that generator, but unfortunately I didn't hear or have forgotten that part of the story....


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                        Strangest thing? An Admin Lt working...


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                          Wish I could like this more than once.

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                          Yeah, “working”

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