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  • E-nun-ci-ate

    The following is a true story,to explain why you must enunciate your words over the radio.

    A preamble is needed,a section of one of the towns I patrol has east/west streets that are numbered--the north south avenues are lettered,therefore you may find yourself at the intersection of W 5th st and Avenue B,on with the story,

    Sunday night-Monday morning shift 0300 9 1/2 hours into the shift with 1 call,can we say bored!! Dispatch calls wanting to know your location,as I am on Ave F approaching W.10th st, the proper way to answer would be ,well ,Ave. F and West 10th,HOWEVER,when one is tired/bored/Southern,(you may or may not know this ,but in the south we sometimes shorten our words in order to conserve our energy for important things like fishing and beer drinking)Anyway I answer dispatch and tell her " F n 10th st",pregnant pause on air for about 1 minute,mike keys and all I hear is muffled giggles,huh?another few moments and dispatch keys again,this time to uncontroled laughter,huh?Finally my Lt. (who happened to be in the dispatch office) comes over the radio and states,with loud guffaws and uncontrolled laughter in background "uhhh Central would like to know what the heck did 10th street ever do to you"

    I strongly reccomend you ENUNCIATE on the radio lest you cause your dispatcher to have severe pain in their sides and a possible urinary malfunction(both of which I understand happened),and if you are thinking about doing it for ****s and giggles,be forewarned ,the next shift I had more "unfounded " and "Gone on arrival "calls ALL over my area (275 sq.miles) than ever.
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    Hilarious story! Our dispatchers keep files of funny radio traffic on their computers. They have some really good broadcasts stored away. Some of it is from, exactly like you say, a lack of pronunciation. The other is silly 911 calls.
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      My partner had a goof on the air one night. He was clearing a run and said to the dispatcher, "430 radio show me queer". Meaning to say clear. Dispatcher responded ok I'll show you queer at such and such time. When he got to the locker room at shift end, up roars of laughter broke out and all the guys making fun of him. He still gets $hit about it to this day.


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