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Home Loans for Police?


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  • Home Loans for Police?

    I've heard of special home loans for police...does anyone have an experience with those? I'm looking for a 30yr fixed rate.

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    Dont know of any specific banks etc. but I think it has something to do with the "Officer next door' program. IF thats what it is, then its a low interest rate or free money for closing etc. BUT you have to live in certain 'special areas' Special {Couldnt come up with a better term} means GHETTO projects, tenements, very low income housing areas. NOT that theres anything wrong with lower income people etc. BUT as a cop? NO WAY...
    IF that NOT was your talking about then there are some banks that offer lower rates for people buying in certain areas, and some banks might offer better rates for public service people.
    Chrysler had a program last year, an additional $500 off for L.E.Os
    Not enough for me to buy a Chrysler
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      Has a special section for law enforcement.
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        Me and my wife were looking at houses using the Officer Next door program. The program doesn't just have good rates, it also gives you 50% off of the houses in the rehabiliation zones (i think that's what they are called.) So that 300,000k house is really only 150k, but it may not be in the best neighborhood.
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          The answer!

          Originally posted by RBrodowski
          I've heard of special home loans for police...does anyone have an experience with those? I'm looking for a 30yr fixed rate.
          Good Morning Sir.

          I saw your question about Mortgage loans for Police Officers. I currently work for Fifth Third Bank but spent the last 8 years of my life working for Bank of America.

          Bank of America has a mortgage loan called the "Neighborhood Champions" which is for Teachers, Police officer, firefighters, etc...

          If you want to get more detailed information you can call my mortgage guy, Steve Shead at 816-979-4286 or 1-800-366-6364 ext 4286. He is located in Kansas City, MO but can do mortgages anywhere.

          Bradford Hill
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