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  • Tattoo

    What do you guys think about law enforcement tattoo's not visible to the public. i.e. (back/upper forearm), something discreet like a scale of justice or patron saint of law enforcement or maybe "Man of law" written in Latin.

    Im kinda torn between whether or not I just get or is it just too cheezy and yes people I will be a rookie but love police work.

    just your thought are appreciated and if you got pics hey share them with us.

    meant to say upper arm like top of shoulder
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    As long as it's not visible while you're wearing short sleeves, having tat is pretty much a non issue...go for it
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      One of my LTs is planning on getting the scales of justice being held by the statue from the Metallica cover. I also have a tat on my shoulder of St. Michael. I think most cops are pretty much tat people but I agree, I don't like them being visible on while in uniform.


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        I agree with you gentleman, nothing that would be visible when wearing the uniform thank for your thought. I lke the St. Michael TAT
        "If you want forgiveness go get some religion"


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          I have a fairly large St. Michael tat on my left shoulder, and I love it. Surrounding the tat are the names of my wife and children. I feel like it's always with me, even if I forget to put my chain on.

          My wife (also a cop) had picked out a nice St. Michael that looked really gothic, kinda like a stained glass window, that she was going to get on her back, until she got pregnant. She says it's on hold now until she gets her shape back

          I have no regrets about mine...I'd say go for it.
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            Here is one of mine:

            "Our citizenship in the United States is our national character...Our great title is AMERICANS." - Thomas Paine

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              I love tatts, just make sure if you get one to do w/your dept make sure you stay w/that dept. A fellow officer of mine worked w/us for two years, got a tatt w/our sheriff star and his badge number, along w/an eagle and American flag in the background. He ended up getting another job w/a suburb dept and is now stuck w/that tatt. His tatt was the first thing I thought of when I heard he was leaving.


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                Thanks for the comments and pic. I think ill be getting one soon.
                "If you want forgiveness go get some religion"


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                  Forget about any UC work opportunity if you do it. That said, just stay away from LOVE and HATE on your knuckles.
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                    LCPLPunk: Nice tat you got there.


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                      Here in ohio, the state patrol denied people with tattoos and you werent allowed to have facial hair, unfortunately they just passed an agreement to allow facial hair. Kind of dissapointed, always looked at the patrol as like the army.

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                        Originally posted by Lawenforcer72
                        Here in ohio, the state patrol denied people with tattoos and you werent allowed to have facial hair, unfortunately they just passed an agreement to allow facial hair. Kind of dissapointed, always looked at the patrol as like the army.
                        UM, what's that mean? The Army allows facial hair.
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                          I've Got Four Tattoos. Right Deltoid, Left Upper Arm, Left Pec, And Right Shoulder. But Pretty Soon, I'll Have A Nice Full Shoulders/back Piece Done. And After That, I'll Be Sleeved Out From My Elbows Up. For Me, Tattoos Represent Something Special, Not Just Cause It's Cool. Each One Has A Story.


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                            I have only one tat, but it has a ton of meaning behind it.

                            First off is the placement. It's on my back and on my left or heart side.

                            Then is the tat itself. I like eeyore and my niece always gives me stuff with eeyore on it. Purses, shirts, jammies and even stuffed eeyores. So when I see it I think of my niece.

                            My childrens' names are below the eeyore. I hope that I am a good enough parent that my kids will always have my back.

                            Then lastly is the balloon with the word "wee". "Wee" is the baby I miscarried. My due date was 9-14-01 which would have been my grandmother's (had she lived) 85th birthday.
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                              On my left bicep, there is an eagle with a "USA" banner beneath. On the right bicep, the American flag with a banner across it with "God bless America". I got the eagle 20 years ago, and the flag in 2000.

                              I still want to get the following:
                              -Left side of chest: My agency's badge.
                              -Right side of chest: Air Support Unit flight wings.
                              -Stomach: Flags of Pennsylvania and California, on cross flagpoles, signifying both of my homes.
                              -Right bicep: The California grizzly bear
                              -One of the shoulders: Wing with "Una stamus".
                              -Mid-back: Bent barbell with "Never quit".

                              It will take time and money, and God only knows what to get my wife to go along with it. She does not like ink.
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