I am not a law enforcement officer, but I was encouraged to provide a posting here regarding the unfounded claims of a psychic detective who was recommended by an FBI officer and has been seen during 11 episodes of the Court TV series 'Psychic Detectives'. This posting comes after a Washington U.S. District court recently ordered a summary judgment in my favor against this psychic, allowing me the legal opportunity to release my findings about a case in Gardner Massachusetts. For those who may be interested in the results of a lengthy investigation into some of the claims of the psychics interacting with police --- including one who has very likely networked with the highest volume of law enforcement personnel within the U.S. --- you may wish to refer to www.amindformurder.com With claims of working on more than 600 police cases some of you may recognize her. I would certainly welcome any of your comments --- positive or negative --- and how you see the fit between psychics and police personnel. Once you view the site let me know if after 20 years I'm on or off track. I respect your viewpoints far more than you might realize. And from my perspective I have worked hard to defend the work you do. For those of you who have flicked on Court TV and wondered, this is the other side of the coin. Thank you. -John Merrell, Snohomish, Washington