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  • mazda cars

    whats your opinion on them?

    good bad and ugly..

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    I personally like the Mazda Protege hatchback, but not the newer ones (too ugly). I never owned one though.


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      I have a 2003 Mazda 6 and love it. great gas mileage, still pretty quick (i have the V6)

      but.....it is in the shop right now, getting new brakes. $568 later it will drive good as new. haven't had any problems with it.


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        i have 2003 4 cyl mazda 6, it'll scream for a 4 bannger, 72 mph in 2nd gear before it red lines, i have 50k miles on mine, no problems,, the only things i dont like, is the rougher ride and i would like a little more fuel economy, but mazda wants to have a sedan that performs like a sports car,,, and they have it now,

        in a month or so, we are going to get my wife a mazda3 wagon, or the new mazda5,

        i think they are very sharp for what they are, but i looked at the topline mazda6 saturday, it looks like an acura or an infinity, and is priced at $29k, so there is a very broad choice of car.


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          One of my buddies growing up had a Mazda RX7 with a rotary engine. That thing could fly, You could wrap the RPM's way up, drop the clutch and go flying...

          ummm, not that I knew about that being a cop now and all...
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            The 5-door Mazda3 caught my eye and I think they look pretty nice. For fun, I built "mine" on the MazdaUSA web site this morning and it came to just under $21K.

            The only thing is I'm an old-school V8 torque junkie so I'm not sure the 160-hp four-cylinder would have enough ooomph to keep me excited. I was looking for a test drive in one last weekend but the dealership didn't have a single 5-speed model. A manual transmission for this car is a must in my book so I'll have to hit another dealership across town when time permits. Another vehicle I'm looking at is the Chevy HHR. When it comes time to retire our Suburban, we'll still need something with some storage space for the kids and their stuff. We'll buy the Corvette after they all grow up and move out

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              Better check out that MazdaSpeed 6 that is going to be coming out. It's pretty nasty for a 4 cyl.
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                The upcoming Mazda6 Turbo looks good. Ive recently purchased a Mazda 3 manual, goes real good, great on fuel.

                I love a big V8, but on current fuel prices (esp in Ozz)its not a great option. I still get my motoring kicks driving pursuit cars at work!!



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                  My wife's Mitsubishi ('92 money pit) has soured us on foreign car makes. Four Hundred bucks for an entire exhaust system, and that's for me putting it on at night school (automotive tech). I won't go into the other things that are needed replaced on it.
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