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Any Officers from Ireland here?


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  • Any Officers from Ireland here?

    Hello evereyone, I'm looking for Police Officers from Ireland that can give me some information. I'm planning to visit Ireland for the first time next September or October,and I really don't know where to go. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    I was born in Ireland many moons ago and I went back on a holiday in 1999 and drove around the whole of Ireland.

    I favour the west coast of Ireland from County Kerry up to County Donegal, then into Northern Ireland, along the north coast, not forgetting to call in for a free taste of Bushmills and then on down through the Glens of Antrim, ending up in Dublin.

    If you are into traditional Irish music, it is important that you call into the pubs for a few pints and a bit of the craic.

    This Thread on IrishCops may also be of interest to you.


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      Sorry IM late

      Sorry, might be too late now but Im stationed in Dublin city if thats any good.


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        Speaking of the Irish, they came about as close to upsetting the national champs as one could hope. While winners make their own luck, USC was lucky Leinert's fumble at the goal line went out of bounds, stopping the clock with five seconds left. And their gutsy call to sneak the ball in the end zone as opposed to spiking the ball is why SC is ranked #1.

        I think Leinert might be the second player in history to win the Heisman twice.

        What a game. I wish I had watched it all...the Rocket pitching what might have been his last pro game preempted USC @ Notre Dame. I pray the Stros are Series bound!




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          If you

          We are the thin blue line
          between you
          and all the money in the world.

          And no you can't have any.


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            Friendliest Country Ever.

            I've been to quite afew places in my life, but the Irish people are clearly the friendliest and nicest I've ever seen. What a country!

            Thanks for the warm welcome.
            You can now follow me on twitter.


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              a little off the subject...

              Thought you all might appreciate this one....

              -At Northern Ireland's Belfast Zoo in September, Phoebe the chimp and two others managed to climb out of their compound, and armed security guards had to come round them up. In an effort to frighten the animals into submission, they fired shots into the air, and according to the reporter for The Guardian newspaper, the chimps not only became docile at the sound of gunfire, but they put their hands up. [The Guardian (London), 9-8-05]
              "It's not how far the shot was; it's how close you were able to get."

              --Jeff Cooper


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                I'm irish, born and raised...sadly :P

                I don't like it here. If your comming here, you have to see the giants causeway


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                  Originally posted by Celtic16
                  I'm irish, born and raised...sadly :P

                  I don't like it here. If your comming here, you have to see the giants causeway
                  Indeed Celtic16, and while your there, call in to Bushmills and have a few wee samples, after that, travel through The Glens of Antrim and into Belfast for a few Pints of Guinness at Mooneys.

                  And in the morning, there's nothing like an Irish Breakfast, but make sure it includes a few slices of Black Pudding.


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                    I'm the only irish person in the world that has only had a SIP of guiness and didn't like it. also i've NEVER drank whisky haha..that pic looks good, i get a smaller verson of that allmost eveyday ...it's the only good thing about living here.


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