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10 Things To Do Before You Die


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  • 10 Things To Do Before You Die

    If you had to make a list of 10 things, you wanted to do before you die, what would it include? This is without limitation.
    "In these modern times, many men are wounded for not having weapons or knowledge of their use."
    -Achille Marozzo, 1536

    Ne Obliviscaris - Do Not Forget

  • #2
    1. cage dive with great white sharks dive
    3.go over 200 mph in a car

    can't think of anything else good right now
    si vis pacem para bellum


    • #3
      I would want to:

      1) Have a huge Family reunion/party and say goodbye, thank you and I love you to my family and freinds.

      2) Make sure my Family is set financially...

      3) Take a cruise to an exotic, remote, tropical location with my wife

      4) (umm something I cant mention here, involves 3 hot girls)

      5) Go to Vegas, let it all hang out for a whole weekend

      6) Go camping on the river, drink beer and fish

      7) Travel to Salem, MA during halloween season

      8) Be a star in a big movie

      9) Travel to the Orient and see the sites

      10) My final meal: a Nacho Joe pizza w/ sour cream, a large chocolate shake.
      Retired 02/01/13


      • #4
        1. Swim with dolphins
        2. Run an animal shelter
        3. Be able to send all my nephews and neices to college.
        4. Make a difference in just one persons life for the better.
        5. Have chocolate appear whenever I wanted it.
        6. See New Zealand.
        7. Own a horse.
        8. Pay off my house.
        9. Fall in love.
        10. Live by the ocean.


        • #5
          1. Snorkel with whale sharks
          2. Swim with dolphins
          3. Cage dive with great white sharks
          4. Ride Motorcycle across my great country
          5. 4-wheel expedition in Banff
          6. Kayak with killer whales
          7. Travel in Europe
          8. Go to Everest base camp
          9. See the pyramids in Egypt
          10. See the Taj Mahal

          Mem: Am I crazy or is that a picture of a dog in a fridge?
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          • #6
            1. Find a cure for cancer so that my mom will live a LOT longer than the 3 months they're predicting.

            2. Stay at a very expensive all inclusive resort in Hawaii for two weeks.

            3. Hit a grand slam home run every time I'm up to bat in baseball.

            4. Ski Whistler, British Columbia.

            5. Open a no-kill shelter for large breed dogs.

            6. Eliminate back yard breeders of dogs, and ensure that ANYONE who abuses an animal gets 25 to life.

            7. Have unabashed sex with Jason Varitek.

            That's all for now....


            • #7
              Go to all the NASCAR races, and be in the pit.

              Oh and I can't forget this one,

              Drive around Daytona Motor Speedway at least once.


              • #8
                1. make sure my partner goes to a good home

                2. clean my house

                3. make sure i'm wearing clean boxers

                thats all i care about


                • #9
                  Originally posted by Soon2Be
                  Mem: Am I crazy or is that a picture of a dog in a fridge?
                  Well, yes you are crazy but yes it is a picture of a dog in a fridge. He was hungry.


                  • #10
                    I would live.

                    We are the thin blue line
                    between you
                    and all the money in the world.

                    And no you can't have any.


                    • #11
                      1. bite to eat

                      2. 12 pack of bud light

                      3-10 Buttercup over and over and over
                      Just shut your damn hole

                      Dead Souls-----They keep calling me


                      • #12
                        Originally posted by Chiller
                        1. bite to eat

                        2. 12 pack of bud light

                        3-10 Buttercup over and over and over

                        And then I would die.
                        All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsions, habit, reason, passion and desire.


                        • #13
                          I was asked this a couple of days ago and I didn't get very far.

                          1. Move to the Upper Penninsula Michigan
                          2.Take a trip around the world
                          3. 72 chevelle supercharged 454 BB
                          4. Week long party at the playboy mantion
                          5. Hang out with family
                          6.Get beer
                          7 make arrangments
                          "In these modern times, many men are wounded for not having weapons or knowledge of their use."
                          -Achille Marozzo, 1536

                          Ne Obliviscaris - Do Not Forget


                          • #14
                            Well Iam still waiting for Publisher"s Clearing House $10million Dollar Sweepstakes,they have been teasing me for 20 years with those entry forms,even to go as far to say you may be our next 10 million dollar winner!I'll take the reimbursment for all those unwanted magazines I purchased over the Years! Oh yeah lets not forget Dick Clark & Ed McMann promising those millions from American Family Publisher's,Also Reader's Digest Sweepstakes.I ought to sue them all for puntive damages,for all the fret and worry and axniety they caused me.Iam not able to list my 10 things to do before I die,if I had of won,then I could List


                            • #15
                              Not in any particular order:

                              1) Drop the ceremonial puck at a Red Wings game.
                              2) Vacation in Sydney, Australia for three weeks.
                              3) Vacation in Stuttgart, Germany for three weeks.
                              4) Drive a red Ferrari around a road track as fast as I could.
                              5) Become fluent in at least two other languages.
                              6) Spend a week in each of the 49 states I don't live in (hmm, traveling theme here?).
                              7) Make sure I've set enough money aside to give my children options in life, but not enough that they forget what "work ethic" means.
                              8) Settle any disputes I have with people, and make sure to tell the important people in my life how much they mean to me and how my life was better for knowing them.
                              9) Restore a classic muscle car with my son (and daughters too, if they are interested).
                              10) Write that one perfect letter to my wife that tells her how much she means to me - the one that makes her cry every time she reads it after I'm gone.

                              Be careful, kids. Daddy's summer car is like the Ark of the Covanent - if you touch it, you will surely die.


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