I just got back from a (5) day River trip with my cousin,Weather was picture perfect,We departed Green Turtle Bay Yacht Club on Lake Barkley near Grand Rivers, Kentucky destination Kimmiswick Missouri. 30 River miles below St Louis Mo.Left on a Saturday morning passed, through Kentucky Lock with ease headed up the Tennessee River. Which empties into the Ohio River at Paudach Ky.I drove the boat 234 miles up to Kimmiswick,Mo .Scott got us through the locks and payed for the entire trip.On the way back,he gives me a Royal *** chewing about my weight goes on a tirade for about and hour,He is a medical professional I let him rant.I give him my side of the story about the weight situation.He was relaxing on the front of the boat,while I was dodging Tugs with 42 barges in swift current and whirlpools that was knocking our boat sideways.Pay back came my way at 1130pm on Monday evening.We arrived below Kentucky Dam to find the lower pool was stacked with 4 lg Barges,Scott a true river Veteran wh has logged 50,000 river miles on America's inland waterway system,got on his marine radio trying to hail the Lock operator for about 30 minutes(Pleasure Craft to Kentucky Dam) A tow captain was hailing the lock operator to lock through and also advised that a pleasure craft(Us) had been trying to raise the lock operator,the operator advised he had also heard him,but he would have to be hailed correctly as Lock and not Dam.Above the Dam was Kentucky Dam Marina,Pay Back was Hell,I got my sweet revenge,Goes around Comes Around! YESSSSSSSSSS