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Reconditioning Full Face Helmets (Where?)


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  • Reconditioning Full Face Helmets (Where?)

    I just got back into riding after retiring, and I fixed up my old sportster XLH 1000. It does not have a windshield like my FLHPI, but it is fun.

    I had a BMW system 2 helmet when I got my R100 motorcycle long time ago, and I recently found it but the interior cushion is crumbling.

    Does anyone know where I could recondition or change the cushion and paddings of this helmet?

    I like in Boston, so it will be best that I could send it there, otherwise mailing out would be fine too.



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    It would probably be cheaper, quicker and safer to just buy a new DOT approved helmet. If the interior is crumbling away, then the safety certification on the helmet is probably outdated. Every 5 years the DOT and Snell Foundation required manufactures to resubmit their helmets with the new safety ratings so they can be retested. Therefore, a newer helmet would be safer than your old one.
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      If the helmet's over 5 years old you should sling it and buy a new one.

      By the sound of it, it's in a pretty lousy condition and even if it's not that old I'd buy a new one anyway like Camaro suggests.
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        get a new one...

        send old one back to the factory for reconditioning and save. they can check for structural integrity and all that....
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