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  • Reflexology

    Can anyone explain exactly what reflexology is? I know it has something to do with the nuerons in one's hands and feet. Some people don't believe in it.

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      Reflexology is a western medicine adaptation taken from ancient Chinese, Japanese and Indian medicine (eastern medicine.) Reflexology is basically accupressure points applied to the hands, feet and ears.

      Eastern medicine believes that our bodies are made up of energy pathways or "meridians." These meridians are pathways that run through the body and effect the function of our vital energy, internal organs, and glands. By applying pressure to specific points on the feet, hands and ears - these points follow the meridian system and help restore homeostatis or internal balance.

      May people are skeptical of hands-on medicine because our western medicine system focuses primarily on eliminating symptoms through pharmaceuticals. Doctors in the states treat the symptoms instead of treating the CAUSE of the ailment.

      I use this analogy with my male patients. Let's say your body was a car and your "check engine light" comes on. If you were to see a doctor in this country, they would give you drugs to "mask" your symptoms, which would be the same as them cutting the wires that lead to the "check engine" light on your dash. The CAUSE of your engine problem isn't addressed, just the elimination of symptoms. Left untreated, your engine(body) will eventually give out.

      I have treated patients using massage therapy, physical therapy, EMS and ultrasound for years. Many of these patients come in taking a multitude of meds and in a mental fog. They have suffered in pain for months, if not years with little to no relief. Within a few weeks of treatment, most are completely OFF their meds and finally recovering from their injuries/ailments.

      Needless to say, I use and wholeheartedly believe in "hands on" therapy like Reflexology to treat many ailments seen today (pardon the pun.) Whether you want to believe in it or not, the treatments WORK in most cases ~ I've seen it first hand (sorry, another pun !!)

      Originally posted by LT. EXPLORER
      Can anyone explain exactly what reflexology is? I know it has something to do with the nuerons in one's hands and feet. Some people don't believe in it.
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        All I got to say is that there is nothing like a good ole foot massage!


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