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    They gave me gun.
    IF I shoot anybody, I get fired.

    They gave me a nightstick.
    If I hit anybody, Iget fired.

    They gave handcuffs to arrest criminals.
    If the criminals complain about the arrest, I get fired.

    They gave me a citation book to wright tickets.
    If the citezen comp;ains about the ticket, Iget fired.

    They gave me a patrol car todraive at night, in snow and rain, at high speed.
    If I wreck it, Iget fired.


    You have to go out, but you don't have to come back!!

    Coming to a CRACK HOUSE NEAR YOU!!!!!

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    The only job in the world where they spend six months and a $100,000.00 to train you and twenty-five years trying to fire you. Ya gotta love it.
    When Society makes war on its police, it better be prepared to make friends of its criminals.


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      Sounds like the two of you should've picked another career if that's your outlook on it.
      A true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.

      -GK Chesterton


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        If this is your idea of what being a Police Officer is, and you are not even an Officer yet, maybe you should re-consider your career choice!!!

        I have been an officer for over 7 years. In that time, I have never shot anyone, I have been involved in several fights for my own life where my night stick was used and I never got fired, I have arrested thousands of criminals and have never had a sustained complaint, I write tickets based on the inappropriate activity of the violator, and once again have never had a sustained complaint, I have damaged a few cars in my career, once again never getting fired. I have however......

        Saved the life of 2 people,
        rescued numerous people from hazardous situations,
        put numerous violent felons in prison where they will never torment anyone again,
        And I have had grown men weep at my feet because I was there to help in their desperate time of need.....


        This is why you should choose this career. If you are not totally committed, and are just doing this because your father was an officer, you should HIGHLY re-consider.
        There's no substitute for strength,
        and no excuse for a lack of it!!


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          I have 21+ as a police officer and I intend to do the full 25 befire I retire. My comment refered more to the way that police administrations treat us that having anything to do my dedication to the cops that I work with or the citizens I serve. The brass in any police department, especially a large department, are more politicians than cops. They pay lip service to the notion that patrol is the backbone of any police department and then put all of their time and energy into promoting any brand new whim that will curry favor with the power that put them in office. The point of the comment is that the street cop that puts his/her butt out there on the street is just a number to brass and they don't give a hoot about him. I first heard that comment when I was a rookie and it is just as true today as it was then.
          When Society makes war on its police, it better be prepared to make friends of its criminals.


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            UH.....I think quallze was just joking.

            It read like a joke to me, especially this part


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              It might have been meant as a joke because of the , BUT don't you think a person should have some insight as to what police work is really like BEFORE they try to b!tch about it, joking or not?

              I understand that the "brass" in a lot of departments doesn't seem to offer much support, but realistically they are serving a purpose to keep the organization going without having the patrol personnel trying to appease the city managers, etc. themselves. I would rather have some flashy desk rider taking care of that BS than doing it myself. Yeah, it may not seem like they are supportive, but I think they play a part that has to be played.
              When I'll be the girl that you love, you'll be the boy that I hate...


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                Joke or no joke, to be a cop, you've got to have the will and passion from the heart. Sometimes you have to take the risk and step up to the plate to accomplish the job. Police work is not for everyone and of course, you wouldn't understand what working the thin blue line is unless you work the job. Just because you're given a uniform and a badge, doesn't mean you're on the team. You have to prove your ability and earn the trust and respect. Just my .02.
                "Nobody cares when the tears of a clown fall down."


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                  Quopper I will give you that

                  If it came from one of us it would be taken in a different context. We've lived it and have earned the right to b!tch about it.

                  As far as your other point is concerned my experience has been that, barring the high profile stuff and the reign of our previous chief, if you do your job and don't act like a total idiot you'll come out okay.


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                    Police Work

                    I took it all in good fun. I aleays say police work is the only job where if you do what you're supposed to you get in trouble & if you don't do what you're supposed to you get in trouble!


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                      First and foremost, it was just a joke. My dad gave me this years ago. Granted, I am not a cop yet, but as I stated in my profile, I have been around LE all my life. And in the last 3 years, been in the Coast Guard doing basically the same thing. Sorry if I stepped on any toes, it was only meant as a joke.

                      "SO OTHERS MAY LIVE"
                      You have to go out, but you don't have to come back!!

                      Coming to a CRACK HOUSE NEAR YOU!!!!!


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