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Sept. 1st boycott


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  • Sept. 1st boycott

    It has been calculated that if everyone in the United States did not
    purchase a drop of gasoline for one day and all at the same time, the oil
    companies would choke on their stockpiles. At the same time it would hit
    the entire industry with a net loss of over 4.6 billion dollars which
    affects the bottom lines of the oil companies.

    Therefore Sept.1st has been formally declared, "stick it up their behind
    day", and the people of this nation should not buy a single drop of gas
    that day. The only way this can be done, is if you forward this e-mail to
    as many people as you can and as quickly as you can to get the word out.

    Waiting on this administration to step in and control the prices is not
    going to happen. What happened to the reduction and control in prices that
    the Arab nations promised two weeks ago? Remember one thing, not only is
    the price of gas going up, but at the same time, airlines are forced to
    raise their prices, trucking companies are forced to raise their prices,
    which effects prices on everything that is shipped. Things like food,
    clothing, building materials, medical supplies etc. Who pays in the end? We

    We can make a difference. If they don't get the message after one day, we
    will do it again and again. So do your part and spread the word.

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    Please everyone do this. Anything for gas prices to go down.


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      the only reason I'd believe this chain letter is plausible is because Exxon alone had a 10B dollar jump in profits from last year alone.


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        News on ride home says we face another $.15 per gallon increase by the weekend blamed on the hurricane. I wish we could all park on Sept 1st.


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          Filled up today...should be able to make it past the 1st!!!


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            This is a spoof that has been going around every year, several times a year as an e-mail. It won't work! Think about it, you don't buy today, but HAVE to get it tomorrow, that is the same money being processed on a different day......
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              Just saw a report on the local news and it showed a local gas station uping its' prices $.10 to $2.89. Patrons were there filling up and in the time it took one guy to fill his tank he said the price went up $.10. In this area they're expecting about a $.40 jump due to the hurricane. That will take regular unleaded to well over $3

              Now I think all this "prices are up due to record usage", prices are up due to the hurricane" , IT'S ALL B.S. They (gas companies) just love to stick it to us as they keep raking in the profits. I don't have much faith in the boycott stuff but I'll do it just for the sake of it. Glad I got rid of my BIG SUV already.


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                Originally posted by Quopper
                This is a spoof that has been going around every year, several times a year as an e-mail. It won't work! Think about it, you don't buy today, but HAVE to get it tomorrow, that is the same money being processed on a different day......
                Sorry to say it......Quopper is right........if anything it will raise the price on the second because they know everyone will really need gas then.
                Every one would have to not drive for at least a week before they would even notice we were ****ed

                This problem should have been fixed years ago. but no one cared then.
                Just like the problems we are going to have ten years from now should be fixed now. but nobody cares now.

                If you want to fix this problem, call the people that you vote for. Tell them if it is not fixed by the next election, you will fire them and put someone in there that can get the job done. and then actually fire them

                To fix the gas prices is going to take more than just lowering the price. You have to fix a multitude of problems that have caused the rise.
                I believe the root causes of our situation started about twenty five years ago when they decided no more refineries and we started sending our jobs to third world countries. Now they need more oil to make the things we used to make here, and that drives the prices up and American jobs out.

                How to fix it for our grandchildren (as at this point, were screwed)......stop buying products made in third world countries, bring back American jobs, and drill for and refine oil here in America. Look into products like Bio Diesel

                If we start these things now, in twenty five years, our grand chirdren might have a chance

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                  i was a teeny bopper during the 1st gas crunch, they expected is to go back to the horse and buggy days as...mother earth was really runnin out of fossill fuels and the interstates....you expect to go camping on because
                  you'd see very few cars.

                  that movie with : : the formula "
                  we are the arabs........can this be true....?

                  the egg heads blame rising prices on everything....
                  but the fact is the oil companys and the us gov love to
                  rip off the american public.
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                    Quopper beat me to it.

                    It is not when we fill up, it is that we do fill up. The millions that people dont spend on Sept 1st, can anyone guess what is going to happen to that money? It will be spent on gas the next day, making the money for the oil company.
                    Also, what do you think would happen if the oil company lost 4 billion dollars. Do you think that they would start to lower prices, I seriously doubt that. The head line would probably read something like this "Gas prices rise 67 cents a gallon due to record oil industry losses."

                    The only way to hit them where it hurts is to make a lasting effect. As long as we are dependant on the stuff they can sell it for as much as they want to, and they know it.
                    Listen to all of the complaining that you hear. I am willing to bet that just about every one complainng is still filling up there tank even with the rising costs.
                    If you want to hurt them, it is simple. Stop driving. I know that this is impractal, but then, drive less and get a more efficent car. Send 90% of these unneeded SUV's to the crusher.

                    In my opinion, the only people who have the right to complain, drive only what they need, and only when they need it.
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                      It was already posted here yesterday, its on that urban legends website, maybe snopes.com Please stop posting some internet trifle garbage. I know your intentions were good as anything we can do to save gas money but come on, a chain email??
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                        Sorry its not on snopes but here
                        http://urbanlegends.about.com/librar...oycott-oil.htm Unless we all go to 1 or 2 horsepowered buggies or hybrid cars we really cant dfo anything to make a dent in their coffers. I wish we could. Maybe if we didnt buy gas for a week or maybe a month, these corps made billions, how is one day gonna hurt them? Sorry but we just drive too much. I know I do. Its partly from suburban sprawl, partly because we love cars. Maybe if we all went to scooters, 40-50mpg nice, but it gets cold here in Pitsburgh, i cant ride a bike in 30* weather.
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                          Something to Think About

                          Lets play out this scenerio....

                          A gas station fills its tanks on Sunday...pays the Gas Supplier $500. Currently the customer fills their cars at $1.50 per gallon.

                          Monday comes along and the price of oil raises once again. So, now gas stations are charging $1.75. However, they wont refill the tanks again untill Friday.

                          How is it that they can raise the price per gallon on the current supply and charge you more before they even pay for the next fill up??


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                            because the company ceo wants a new bently.


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                              Originally posted by Quopper
                              This is a spoof that has been going around every year, several times a year as an e-mail. It won't work! Think about it, you don't buy today, but HAVE to get it tomorrow, that is the same money being processed on a different day......

                              It's true. My economics prof last year got the same email and devoted one 80 minute class to explaining to us how this won't work. I won't get into though because he made it all so complicated with graphs and big terms. It also got too boring for me and I fell asleep halfway through class.


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