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  • Shooting advise

    The mission:
    I want to start shooting and getting fimiliar with guns. This way by the time I get to the position where I need to use a gun, I will be plenty proficient.

    The problem:
    I am only 19 years old. I am not sure what the laws on hand guns, but from what I know, I have to be 21 to own one.

    The question:
    Is there any ways to practice before I am 21. Am I allowed to go to a gun club, rent a gun and shoot it at the age of 19? Can I transport a gun in my trunk with the ammo in the glove box at the age of 19? My dads friend said that he would be glad to borrow me his browning 22lr pistol. Is that allowed?
    If my dad bought a gun, and I just took it to the shooting range with me, would that be allowed?

    I am just looking for the best advice I can find, because I really want to get more experiance with guns and get proficient around them, but I also want to obey the law, as I will be enforcing it someday.

    I just want to know if there is a way that i can legally practice shooting a handgun at the age of 19.

    Thank you for your time and thoughts on this subject
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