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NPR this a.m.--Baltimore cop's daughter killed in Iraq


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  • NPR this a.m.--Baltimore cop's daughter killed in Iraq

    Did anyone hear this story on Morning Edition?

    I was on my way into work. I was very moved... but by something I'm not sure other's understand entirely. The soldier's family spoke, beautifully eloquently, with much love and joy for what the daughter DID and WAS--a soldier. No "why are we there," no "waste".

    She was home last week, and they put up a tent in the yard for a big ol' bar-b-que party, more than fifty of her friends & family came... the tents are still standing and will now be used for her funeral reception.

    Dad--the cop--told of her calling once in the middle of executing a search warrant, it was a priceless cop story. And toward the end, he said, "She never said she was scared, she never said she didn't want to go back."

    I just thought it was a very *telling* story about what we are about. Wondered if anyone else caught it.

    If by some chance that Baltimore cop is on here, or you know him, please, please let him know he's in my prayers. He did good to raise a hero for a daughter.

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    G-d blesss her and all troops over there.
    Not to hijack this but suprised NPR did a nice story on a soldier and not infect it with there left leaning bias.
    G-d bless her family too. RIP
    I got nothing for now


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      I thought this was a good story. However, there many stories reguardeing deployed soldiers, parents, spouces, etc.....etc. There is also book out called "Last Letters Home" that was published after the first year of OIF. Rather hits close to home for me, currently deployed for my second time in three yrs.
      Thanks to all for the king thoughts.


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