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    Okay, I dont need a response or anything but if anyone wants to jump in, go ahead. I miss road patrol. I was running district for 8 yrs and got transferred inside. I heard from my family how great it was, how they hated 2nd shift and from my boys how they werent so worried about their mom anymore. I worked really hard to get on my department and even harder to gain the respect of the fellow police officers I worked with to show them I was a damn good cop regardless of the fact that I'm a 5 foot tall 100 lb girl. Now they took my marked car and gave me a slick top....I dont run red lights and siren anymore... I try to think of the good things from the change, you know if its cold and snowy or rainy I get to go home, I dont have to take that 500th lost cell phone report, but I still miss the road. I think it hit me at my niece's birthday party when she was introducing her aunt to her little girlfriends and she very non-chalantly asked me "oh, are you still a deputy? I thought you werent a police officer now...".


    thanks for listening.

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    WOW, keep your chin up momma cop. BEing a streeet cop gets in you and I guess you still got it. Thats a good thing. As far as the sad comment, I didnt think you were blah blah blah. HEY, remember this when Iam standiong on a DUI crash in someones front yard at 0330 and its about 25* out. Yeah I LOVE IT TOO. Maybe one day when you move even further up the ladder you can make some changes in the department and mandate that the white shirts must do a night or 2 back in uniform every week or 2..
    I got nothing for now


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      I had something similar happen...

      After carrying a pistol and wearing a sworn badge day in and day out for over 20 years, my wife gets a Jury Summons for big court. When they asked her what her husband does for a living, she tells them that I am (was) a Technician... forgetting the Crime Scene part of the definition!!

      Made me want to show her the handcuffs when she got home and told me about it... and no, not that way!!
      Do you realize that in about 40 years, we'll have thousands of old ladies running around with tattoos?
      Common sense... the LEAST COMMON of all of the senses.
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        Originally posted by e-man
        you can make some changes in the department and mandate that the white shirts must do a night or 2 back in uniform every week or 2..
        hahahahahhahhahahahhahahhahahhahahahhahaahahah, *that was supposed to be a joke right* , i cant think of one person that came off the streets and that six months later they could still fit in their uniform.

        *original poster* do they not atleast talk to you about it, give you a chance to talk them into keeping you on the street, there is always atleast one slug that wants off the street, maybe you could trade with them. it has happened that way a time or two were i used to work.


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          Well, no they don't exactly talk to us about wanting to come off of the streets... On my department they pretty much tell you that you are going and if you refuse, you can forget about getting the promotion or transfer that you really wanted. It would be nice if they would adopt that policy though. There are several slugs who would love to be sitting at a desk I'm sure!

          As far as getting the brass to ride patrol and take runs.... man I havent laughed so hard in a long time, thanks for the cheering up! Of course, I still ride out on a shift about once or twice a month just because its still in my blood.


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