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    New hours of service for truckers came out a few days ago. In about two months when everybody gets through playing lawyer with them, I might be able to figure them out.

    Now they have us sleeping ten hours, and I think the new ones drop us down to eight plus another two hour break later in the day.

    Question is while I'm sitting here not sleeping, ..... What are your normal sleep habits?? How much sleep do you really need to do your daily functions and feel comfortable doing them?

    Any more then five or six hours for me just makes me feel groggy all day and I don't feel like I'm doing my best driving on these days.
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    I sleep lots

    Well, i work a shift that starts at 5PM and ends at 130AM.

    I CANNOT sleep when i get home...i stay up until 6 or 7AM. I WISH i could fall asleep earlier, but i never will until i get UP earlier I dont get up until around 2PM.

    I feel best with at least 8 hours of sleep...sometimes i get more, and i feel kinda drugged when i wake up. I can wake up easier after maybe 5 hours of sleep, but then i get tired halfway thru my nite and cant keep my eyes open.

    Next month my shift will probably change to 5AM to 130PM...total reversal. I dont think i'll get nearly as much sleep, and maybe a nap when i get home from work will hold me over. It will be so nice to have afternoons and early evenings to myself! Right now i really have no time to do anything productive.


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