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How mush time do you spend on officer.com?


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  • How mush time do you spend on officer.com?

    I think it's a little odd when I see people who post at 1 am, 5 am, 10 am, 5pm, 7 pm, 10 pm, and then back to 1 am! I spend less than 3-4 hours per week on this site and it is one of the only sites I go to (other than browsing for news). So, how much time do you spend here?

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    Depends on if things are slow or not at work. Somedays I'm going, going, going, other days I'm just trying to stay awake.
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      Same here, if it's slow at work, I spend more, but 2-3 hrs a day for me.


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        I would have to say if I am busy or not. What is going on, if there is a lot of posted that I am interested etc.

        So on the ave I think around 1 1/2 to 2 hours a day. I come in and see if anyone post, and leave.

        Also, LEO's live a strange lifestyle as far as there daily life. Some may get on here after they get home from work or before they leave for work.


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          i spend around 1 hour an afternoon on here. i look to see the new posts and to see if i've had a response to my questions. i'm looking for someone in provo pd in utah but not had any luck yet. please can you tell me if there is another operater other than yahoo that is used to talk on . i can only think of aol.


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            I try not to spend too *mush* time here.....but there is alot of drama going on and I don't get to watch my soaps anymore....lol

            *mush* I am sorry....I HAD to do it though
            stay safe and always remember to look up!!

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              Depends on if the kids are passed out in the basement in front of the TV
              and also my shift. If Iam on PM then not much bt on nights Iam on a few too many hours. Wife works, kids do the TV thing I do the O thing
              Yes I do hang with my kids if anyone thought I dont spend any time with them.
              I got nothing for now


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                Originally posted by Isla_
                I try not to spend too *mush* time here.....but there is alot of drama going on and I don't get to watch my soaps anymore....lol

                *mush* I am sorry....I HAD to do it though
                IS that why Ive gained about oh **** I got fat since joining here...
                Only a few pounds its all my baby fat from 36 years ago...
                I got nothing for now


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                  I've been off IOD for the past 15 months and just took a disability retirement. As a result, I have way more free time to spend here than is healthy.
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                    depends entirely on what's going on around me. I am customed to quickly check out my favourite places a couple of times a day, so all in all I may spend just 2 hours a day on the net but because I jump quickly and post hastily (argh typos, screwed up sentences and such are common!) it appears to be much more.

                    I wish I could get to know you better but I find some of the restrictions almost intimidating.


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                      Depends on what is going on around me as well.....Like today I have no life, so I have alot of time.....
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                        Three. I generally spend three on Officer.com.
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                          Right now, probably no more than an hour. I check periodically throughout the day. That'll change starting Monday when I go back to school. And I am pretty much in class on Mondays from 10 am to 9 pm with a one hour break at 2 pm and 4pm. The rest of the week I'll be on more... Damn "Art Appreciation" class from 5pm to 9pm on Mondays...


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                            It all depends on what I am doing that day or if I am totally bored.

                            Sometimes I will spend a couple hours in here or times I will not post for days or even weeks.

                            Have a life offline too ..hard to believe
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