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    I'm hoping to get a motorcycle after graduation

    What does insurance cost on these things? I'll be 22 by then, and I'm a white male with no tickets on my record and 1 accident (not my fault, was rear-ended). Also, I can only insure the motorcycle for specific months, correct? No need to insure it in the winter if I won't be driving...


    EDIT -- While we're on the topic, any suggestions on what brand/models to purchase? I'll probably be looking in the price range of $1,000 - $3,000, probably used, and I prefer the "crotch-rocket" bikes over the harley's. I've also seen what appear to be street-legal dirtbikes, and those are cool too, but I have no idea what brands those are...
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    look into Progressive, probably the cheapest motorcycle insurance out there. Also, do the online rate quote for some different bikes to check out the rates.

    there is a HUGE difference when you compare insuring a cruiser vs. a crotch rocket.

    when i was pricing, I could get a 1000+ cc cruiser and insure it for like $40/month, OR you could insure a 250 cc sport bike at $100+/month.

    when it came to the sport bikes, the rates were the same for a 250cc and a 900cc.

    The street legal dirt bikes are dual purpose, and kind of neat. Your best bet is to first take a riding class if you haven't done so already. I took it from the MSF (motorcycle safety foundation). It was relatively cheap, provided the bikes and helmets and really tought me a lot and instilled confidence since I had never ridden before. Also most insurance co's will give you a discount.

    Then go sit on a lot of bikes and see what is comfortable. I have sat on some sport bikes that would be so uncomfortable putting around town b/c of the posture you have to use.


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      Thanks for the information. I used to ride dirtbikes a lot growing up, so I am hoping that a motorcycle won't be too different, so I wouldn't have many problems passing the class and getting a license for it.


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        I would go with a sport touring bike... If you are looking at a rocket, find one then call around for insurance BEFORE you buy it.... A yamaha R6 only 600cc could cost a 22 year old $2-$4000.00 a year for full coverage... Unless you can get ma or pa to insure ir for you...
        Were as a sport touring bike might only be like they said above... 20-40 bucks a month.. When I was 21 I got an R1 progressive quoted me $12,500 bucks a year... Ya right... 900 a month for bike insurance...

        If you want a "Rocket" your going to need to take a day calling every mom and pop insurance agency you can find!

        my .02
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          When I was 19 I bought a Honda CBR600 F2 for $3,000. That bike has come and gone but it has had me hooked on Honda since then. When I bought that bike I had a driving record similar to yours and it took awhile to find a good rate but I think I ended up paying around $500 a year and that was with Nationwide Insurance. The bike I own now is a 2004 Honda CBR600RR and I have it insured with Country Insurance for about $600 a year. As for insuring the bike for only part of the year they will prorate the bill so you get charged more in the summer and next to nothing in the winter.


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            Well, I don't plan on getting full coverage, just liability. I plan on starting off with an older, used bike to see how I like it. And no, Mom and Dad will not be paying for it, hopefully by that time I'll be on with a PD - either way, parents are cutting me off after graduation.


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              Well I think i can help with this one. I work in an nsurance agency right now. Most insurance policies have a deal where they factor in winter months, so you can keep the policy going all year. Which you will probably want to do because then you can build up renewal credits and your insurance will get cheaper. Definatly look at something that you can have liability only on. Especially if it is a sport bike. Like it was posted above, a 22 yr old will be nearly impossible to insure on a sportbike for full coverage. I know because I have checked for myself
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                I'm 18, and live in Chicago. I bought my first bike earlier this year--a '95 Kawasaki EX500--and the cheapest insurance rate I could find was for $900 a year, and that's just for liability.

                You can usually find a used, mid to late 90s 600cc sportbike for $3k. As far as insurance goes for a 22 year-old, I've heard that Statefarm is the cheapest. The only catch is that you have to have something else insured with them, like a car or house. Progressive and Geico, in my experience, are pretty high. If you can't get Statefarm, I'd suggest looking into independent, small-time insurance brokers.

                For the bike, check out sites like cycletrader, ebay, & chicagoriders. Good luck, and whatever you do, make sure you wear the gear!
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                  Just a side not from what Ryder said if you dont have a car that you will be insuring with the same insurance company there might be another option for you that worked for me. I have a company car that is taken care of 100% by my company so I dont have to insure it. When I was shopping for my moto insurance I had a ton of places tell me they would not insure me without having another car to insure with them. After talking with Country Insurance and getting shot down by them for the no car reason the agent called me back (thankfully he had my info) and said that he remebered a rule that allows people with excellent credit to still be insured even if they dont insure a car with them. He ran my credit and it came back excellent so I was able to get full coverage on my Honda CBR600RR for $582. Im not sure if other insurance companies have a policy like the one Country has but it might be worthwhile to ask. I remember Sate Farm was the second lowest and they quoted me $1200


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                    No clue on insurance costs. Many states do not require motorcycles to be insured though. Although if you finance it, you will need insurance.

                    You can get a brand new Kawasaki Ninja 250R for $3,000 or less. They seem like decent bikes for the money. I have known a few people who have owned them and thought them to be great starter bikes. I have never riden one though.

                    Picture of Ninja 250R


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                      When I started looking for a bike this spring (still looking, BTW) I asked my friend about this exact topic. He had a 1988 Ninja 250 that cost him $180 a year to insure through Allstate for basic liability insurance. Per his agent, the insurance company considers the age of the rider, the age of the bike, the rider's driving record, the bike's displacement and other policies the rider holds when setting the rate. He had his car and house insured with Allstate, had a clean driving record and was between 28 and 30 years old at the time. Allstate figured he was a good risk and gave him a low rate.

                      He sold the bike after one riding season. He is 5'11", 200 lbs and said the frame was just too small for him and the bike was underpowered for highway riding. He mostly rode it around town and said it was adequate for that. He advised me to get at least a 650 if doing much highway riding, and get a cruiser-style bike over a crotch rocket if I planned many long rides.

                      Hope this helps,
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                        A 250 will get old really fast. As far as sport bikes go, first-timers should ride 500s - 650s, in my opinon.
                        I preferred the pain to the remedy. - E B Sledge


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                          If you plan on riding with a group of people you will want a 600 to make sure you can keep up. You wont need anything bigger than than unlesss you plan on going to the track. I started on a 600 and it is plenty for a first timer. I still ride a 600 as I have no need to go 180mph


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                            You don't need insurance on the bike. Buy plenty of life insurance, fill out your toe tag ahead of time and make sure you sign your organ donor card.


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                              You ought to consider a cruiser-it'll add a few more minutes to your life than if you're on a crotch rocket--But seriously, the cruisers can go just as fast if that's your thing, and you'll be more comfortable in the long run. My ex and I rode a Honda Valkyrie-wouldn't recommend it for your first street bike, but it was a great bike to ride. Any bike company has their version-Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Harley-all have small but powerful cruisers. Another suggestion-if you do a lot of summer riding, get a Joe Rocket Phoenix jacket. It's made of woven steel mesh and is supposed to help cut down on road rash if you happen to take a fall. Plus, it's mesh so the air blows through the holes in the summertime-much more comfrotable than leather, although leather is great for the cooler weather.
                              Best of luck and keep the shiny side up whenever you get that bike!


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