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Remember your Childhood Days:Share some Memorys with us !


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  • Remember your Childhood Days:Share some Memorys with us !

    Most of us are either married with children or divorced with children,or just Single.Sit back for a moment,reflect on some fond memories from child hood days gone by,They could be comical,adventure,drama,Or something that you did that no one else did,and you got all the attention.Share some with us,I"ll start with comical,My friend Kent and I were sitting on top of his split level house,We were both 11,Back then you could see a long way off.I spotted Kents Dad driving down the Road in front of us,We stood up pointing at him and low and behold he saw us,He yelled out the Car GTH off that Roof, Fear overtook me I scrambled down the ladder,and accidently hooked the ladder with my foot and ladder fell to the ground,Poor Kent was left on top to answer to a angry Dad,I got off scott Free

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    I'll share a ton of memories after i get an LE job....

    Just shut your damn hole

    Dead Souls-----They keep calling me


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      did a lot of crazy stuff but I guess one of the funniest that wasn't really all that funny at the time was paying off my little brother. Kid got rich off my boyfriends, money, bicycles, pizza you name it. One day he desides to party with us instead of taking a pay off as we're slamming beer after beer. He puts down a good 6 pack, he's maybe 12, but hey I was only 14 so welcome to the sticks.

      We decide to hit the beer bong. As I'm taking the first hit off the beer bong my now drunk brother pops a piece of candy, I believe it was a fire ball jaw breaker in his mouth and runs in the house and tells my mom we're outside drinking. Mom walks out to catch me in the last phases of choking down my beer. Might have been worth it had I known somebody had last used that hose to siphen gas out of a car. Beer, gasoline, and screaming mother, if I would have ever caught my brother he'd of been toast, but it makes a funny story these days when we get together at the dinner table and tell off on each other my mom still denies that we were her kids.


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        lotta my boyhood...was like...movie.." stand by me" and the "sandlot"

        lot's of block parties, officer friendly was truly a hero to look up
        to in the white neighborhoods along with fire fighter al who visited
        he schools....convient stores....had the soft drinks behind the
        counter,,,,,drivers licenses' had no photo's......
        mom stayed home, dad brought home the bacon......
        thanks giving at the grand parents, with yr cousins and aunts and uncles.
        beer and soda that ya needed a can opener......
        10c soda in cans
        15 in bottles ( returnable)
        yes...we used to hustle pop bottles.......
        saving yr money for expensive sneakers...$10 for converse all star's
        better than $3 k-mart slip and slides....
        more to watch on t.v. back then......cable sucks......
        popcicles.for 10c...icecream bar's for 25 ( now 1.50 ) same good humour
        ones....when the street light went on...your *** better be inthe house..
        and gettin ready for bed or doing yr home work.....!
        passenger trains that the actual companies ran...instead of amtrak...!
        " if you talk in your sleep, don't mention my name....
        " if you walk in your sleep, forget where you came....


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          Well, I shot my brother with a bow once...

          It was a flesh wound, and his fault, but I remember running up to him screaming "Oh no, Oh no, OH NO, DON'T TELL MOM!!!!!!!"

          She found out 17 years after the fact, and still about had a nervous breakdown.

          Oh the upshot I still hit the target and he learned about not jumping out from behind things to dance in front of my targets. Some days I wonder how in hell we both survived childhood. And each other.
          STFU! Another great suggestion from the same mind that brought you "Kiss my butt" and "Leave me alone"

          Why not?


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            One of my favorites, was when my brother, sister, cousin and I, strung fast food cup lids, on a fishing line and called them Flying Saucers....Then we strung them from a street light to a stop sign at about midnight in our neighborhood. First car came along, we laughed our asses off when they hit it, and slammed their brakes. Second car came along, and when the COP hit it and slammed HIS brakes we crapped ourselves and hid UNDER dad's truck for over an hour......
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              You would never ever believe my stories and all true!Gosh! I don't know where to start and there is not alot of good stuff to tell and to tell you the truth I don't really want to go back there ever again.Well, here is one...I had a dog named Blacky,He was my buddy and where I went, he went.Mom never liked dogs in the house,but every night I let him in my room window.One day, I went to walk acrossed the lake in the winter,a mile wide and two miles around!a german shephard and collie came after me.My dog was tied up, but when I screamed for help, he broke his rope and fought and chased them away.I found the rope broke and never tied him up again.Then when we where moving to Wisconsin, my folks took him to a person who put him in a barn,40+ miles away and they called because I trained him not to eat from strangers,he never did period! I was so broken hearted they got rid of him,so I prayed he would find his way home and guess what,He did.The new owners called and said he broke through the barn window and they could not find him.Then one day we were out in the back yard and heard a dog barking.It was Blacky and he came back home and jumped right into my arms.I had trained him to do a lot of cool tricks and that dog was darn smart.My folks did give him back...To this day I still never understood why they took him there,because then we got Lucky another dog he was really good to.
              I trained Blacky to give the horses excercise every mornning.It was so funny,He would chase them and then they would chase him and all would come back when I called them.My brother could not believe what that dog could do.Infact a lot of people said he was kind of a wonder dog.


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                One of my earliest memories was my dad taking me to see this shipwreck near where we lived. We were high on the bluff & she ship was below. http://www.cawreckdivers.org/Wrecks/Dominator.htm

                I flew over this site the other day. 44 years later at low tide you can still see part of the ship.
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                  Filling a pillowcase with pounds of teeth rotting candy at Halloween and throwing the apples back at whatever houses gave them out, neighborhood "kick the can" games, buying candy bars for 15 cents from the little old Italian lady at the corner store, riding my bike everywhere, having a huge crush on this really cute but snobby girl who lived up the street (she's quite overweight now- revenge is sweet ).
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                    Being an Air Force family, it seems we moved just about every summer. We would take off on a wonderful road trip (wonderful for us 4 kids, don't think it was so great for the parents) and head home to see the family for about a month each summer. My mom had 7 sisters and 1 brother so there were lots of aunts, uncles and cousins. We would stay at Grandma's house and make homemade ice cream, jump off the front porch onto giant tractor inner tubes, chase fireflys and play until we were worn out. Lots of time at the lake with great cookouts. Then it was off on another road trip where we got to have chili-burgers and shakes every night if we wanted, broke things in the motel rooms and generally drove the parents crazy. Ah, the good ol' days.
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                      Camping and fishing with the family as a kid during the summer.

                      Backpacking in the mountains as a teenager.
                      Job description as told by an old timer: "Drive fast cars, look at pretty women, and drink coffee".


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                        The Building supply store had a Soda bottle machine that had a side door,that after you inserted the 10 cents you could pull the bottle of pop straight out circa mid 1960's.After playing sandlot baseball for 3Hrs in the summer heat,The building supply was across the street from where we played Ball,On one occassion I treated 12 guys to Pop,A boy named Jerry his Dad was a city Cop in that city,He figured out how to get a pop without paying for it, you would insert one dime and he reached his hand up through that machine,as the mechanism tripped and we emptied that machine out twice after the business closed,We never got caught,Next time we went to get a pop,They replaced that Machine.I always supplied my dime and Jerry took the rest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :


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                          Hiding in the hayloft watching the neighbor kid setting fires and then covering them up with more hay. I was probably 8 at the time and he was older and "wiser."

                          Leaving with the family and upon returning area farmers had a bucket brigade going putting out the fire. Dad took one look at me and I told all.

                          Maybe that's why I went into LE and eventually became a fire/arson investigator. This kid set a bunch of fires all over the area. I still remember his name but never ran into him once I was in a position to do something about it!


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                            Most of the memories I havent blocked out or have repressed(LOL)

                            Really though my fondest memories growing up are with my brother. He passed away in 2000 at the age of 33 of colon cancer.
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                              Well, when I was seven my family spent a year and one half touring the country, netting 44 states, at least four Canadian provinces, a visit to Mexico. Since then I have visited another three states. Other then that....there was the time I sent my sister to the hospital....
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