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Dip**** Complains About F-16 Flyover (GREAT Read, Or Your Money Back)


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    Tom Cruise wannabees?! The people doing the flyover are REAL Air-Force pilots! What a dum**ss...

    U.S. Coast Guard R since 2006.
    Petty Officer Third Class (E-4)


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      Originally posted by Retired96
      It should be noted that the person that complained about the jets flyover, wrote a letter to the paper and offered a very moving apology. He himself was a Vietnam veteran and was not aware of the reason for the flyover.
      Here it is. God bless this man for having the balls to own up and apologize.
      An apology from the heart to the airmen of Luke

      Jul. 9, 2005 12:00 AM

      Regarding "Flyby honoring fallen comrade" Letters, June 28):

      I read with increasing embarrassment and humility the response to my unfortunate letter to The Republic concerning an Air Force flyby ("A wake-up call from Luke's jets," Letters, June 23).

      I had no idea of the significance of the flyby, and would never have insulted such a fine and respectful display had I known.

      I have received many calls from the fine airmen who are serving or have served at Luke, and I have attempted to explain my side and apologized for any discomfort my letter has caused.

      This was simply an uninformed citizen complaining about noise.

      I have been made aware in both written and verbal communications of the four-ship flyby, and my heart goes out to each and every lost serviceman and woman in this war in which we are engaged.

      I have been called un-American by an unknown caller and I feel that I must address that. I served in the U.S. Navy and am a Vietnam veteran. I love my country and respect the jobs that the service organizations are doing.

      Please accept my heartfelt apologies. - Tom MacRae, Peoria
      RIP Brett Thompson, 17, 09/12/1989-09/14/2006

      Seatbelts save lives


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        LOVE IT!!!! Great response LtCol.!!

        My kids (4,2) used to ask me, "what's that sound daddy?" when F-16's would fly over. My response was always the same. So it made me ever so proud when earlier this year when my family and I were at an opening game for a minor league baseball game. 4 F-16's buzzed the stadium as our anthem played. As the roar of the F-16's got louder and louder, I looked to my kids and said, "what's that sound?" My boys, together with HUGE grins, yell out, " THATS' THE SOUND OF FREEDOM BABY!!!!" Everyone around us took notice.

        And that's it! The sound of freedom. In many countries the sound of that roar would bring a gringe! Not here, not to me! It reminds me EVERYTIME that their are those in harms way for me and mine.
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          Moral of the story?

          Don't comment on something, unless you know everything about it.
          U.S. Coast Guard R since 2006.
          Petty Officer Third Class (E-4)


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