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    I love a good night of drinking with the guys around a dimly lit table and playing some Texas Holdem Poker. We have real small money games. We usually each play with around $20. We bet with quarters and half dollar chips...

    I started doing this and thought it would be fun to play a little more organized. I went down to a Casino by my home and went to the card room. I got in on a game of 2-4 Hold Em. 1 hour later I cashed out double my money I put in.

    I have been going back once every two weeks or so and am yet to come home a loser...

    Anyone else play?
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    I love Hold 'Em.

    My bro-in-law runs games in some local bars (not for money, of course) tournament style. Winner get gift cetificates, prizes, etc.


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      My buddy's and I play "hold em" on a regular basis... Most of the time it is a 40 buy in... But we have had $100 buy in paying the top 3... The winner usually walks away with $500+ in his pocket...

      I don't play much at casinos...
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        I play ALL THE TIME. We usually have $50 neighborhood tourneys. I also entered an organized 100 person tourney two months ago and finished 7th.
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          I have played before on partypoker.com. I have actually gotten pretty crazy there and ended up once or twice on the 20/40 dollar tables. It is really crazy when you can win $500 to $700, sometimes more, sometimes less in one hand.

          I also play Texas hold 'em
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            I enjoy playing occasionally but I'm not very good at it.
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              Just A Thought

              Originally posted by Welpe
              I enjoy playing occasionally but I'm not very good at it.
              I think you can have your own game on partypoker.com. If enough people are interested, we could all get on the site at the same time and have a game. With the free play, even WELP can practice and then join us.


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