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Went to class reunion (20th)


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  • LovnTheFuzz
    Cool - thanks for sharing
    My 10 year was last year, but i chose not go. I knew the cliques would still exist and i know a lot of the old hotties are tired and haggard now. It's sort of sad in a sick, sadistic, and oddly satisfying way.

    I figure i may go to my 20th. Be interesting to see people, but it's not something i'm dying to do. The 1 or two good friends i had then, i keep in touch with now - everyone else i could care less about.

    btw, you are NOT old! lol

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  • Hardhead
    started a topic Went to class reunion (20th)

    Went to class reunion (20th)

    Was pretty interesting. Not exceptionally fun or exciting, but an interesting time nonetheless. Some of the chicks who were hotties back in the day had blown up beyond recognition, while others were obviously late bloomers, and were mouth watering fine now. You could see that some had led hard lives by how much they'd aged.

    Equally funny was seeing the former jocks and pretty boys now resembling real life Al Bundys, and a couple of playboy types being domesticated with (and in a few cases... dominated by) wives, kids, religion, etc..

    It really amazed me how the same cliques were still there at the party, 20 years after high school. You'd think people would've grown outta that mindset by now, but...

    I really got a kick out or ladies who'd been very popular back in the day, but hadn't aged particularly well, nor accomplished much of anything since then, still trying to act as if their $h!t didn't stink lol. I'm thinking "Hey! I wasn't trying to hit on you... I just stopped to say hi" My tolerance for such crap has virtually disappeared since high school too, so I just said "Well... nice seeing you again" and walked away. Get over yourself already jeez! You went from looking like Halle Berry to looking like Aunt Esther!

    There was one really bizarre and uncomfortable moment. We had a classmate go up to sing a song, and during his monologue (sp?) tell how he'd been molested and abused as a child, but had used his music as "therapy". You should've seen the looks on everyone's faces when he was saying this lol. A mixture of disbelief, sadness, and horror. A class reunion just isn't the time nor place for this type of admission as far as I'm concerned.

    I was one of the few unmarried and childless people there. Most of the girls I'd dated who showed up now have kids and some are married, but most were still very flirty. I was flattered, but I'd kinda romanticized them in my mind (remembering them forever as young, beautiful girls) and seeing some of them looking bad now was kinda sad to me.

    Seeing some of the "geeks" who'd been picked on and/or teased mercilessly getting the last laugh was cool though as most of them seemed successful and happy now. One girl I'd dated in particular made me proud. She got taunted by other girls back in high school, and I got taunted for dating her (she was kinda nerdy and didn't dress too sharp, but was a cute, sweet girl) but now she looks amazing (tight body, stylish, and confident). She was glowing from all the attention and compliments she got and I was happy for her.

    I ended up getting bored after a couple of hours (I'd already caught up with everyone I cared about) and hit a local nightclub. A young cutie said "Whoa... you're looking good! What's the occassion?" I told her my 20th class reunion, and she looked shocked (you could see her doing the math in her head) and said "Damn... you're old" and walked off. Lol, I wanted to strangle her ***!

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