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  • New York City hotel advice

    I'm looking for some input from the NYC locals...NYPD/Transit Police/Whoever knows the local hotels well. My good friend (also a cop) and I are planning on taking our women (1 each!) up to NYC in July for a few days. I've been to the big city a few times and usually take my chances on a hotel, and I've had some decent luck. So far no roach motels or muggings walking there, but they have been in some sketchy neighborhoods. I'm looking for some locals advice on where to stay without costing me half my annual income. Manhattan is a must, but as far as general locations there, we don't have a preference. I've stayed in midtown twice but those have been guys only trips, we didn't mind stepping over the bums to go eat breakfast. I'm not looking for 5 star or anything, just clean, safe, and without blood stained walls, mattresses, or tubs. Any help would be appreciated. Also any insider advice on places to visit? We've done most of the tourist traps and would like to see some of the lesser known sights (or smells, it is NYC after all!).

    Thanks for any help,
    Okay, just how big were those two beers sir?

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    Whenever I go to NYC, I use priceline. Usually can get a 4 or 5 star for 100-125 a night. The best way to do it is pick one neighborhood (Midtown East, Upper East Side), etc. and bid $100. You'll probably get nothing on your first try, but just keep adding neighborhoods and increasing the bid a little and you'll get something.


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      I worked out there for about 6 months right before 9-11 and always stayed in Secaucus, NJ at the Holiday Inn. It is only a short 15min bus trip to the city and the hotels are 3 times as big, half the cost and have fridgerators in the rooms.
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        how much $$$

        Try the Hudson Hotel the link herehttp://www.hudsonhotel.com/
        It a nice place in a good area not far from central park and 5th ave shops.

        If I was staying over night or a couple days this is where I would stay single or married.. VERY NICE


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          TRUEBLUE: I think you misunderstood my original post. I'm a police officer, the hotel you suggest is slightly above my means...

          US$260.00 per day
          MHG standard rate.

          Tax and incidentals not included unless otherwise specified.
          Tax specification: Tax: 13.63 pct per room per night tax: 3.50 charge per room per night.

          That's for the cheap room! That's more than the plane tickets cost round trip. I'm looking for something in the $150 and below range, but I agree that it looks like a very nice hotel.

          Thanks for the suggestion anyway.

          Okay, just how big were those two beers sir?


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            I don't know anything about New York but I just wanted to say THANK YOU for spelling "advice" properly.
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