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This is why I always resort to calling liberals names during debate.


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  • This is why I always resort to calling liberals names during debate.

    Sigh it just never fails.And I am a thorough believer in freedom of speech.

    So long story short Im in a pretty heated argument with this guy claiming to be an independent and we have kept it mostly civil with very little finger pointing or derogatory statements.But I guess its just human nature to be in aggressive conflict with others that think differently from you.

    Its funny because I try to be considerate as I get older that not everyone walks in everyone elses shoes and peoples perspectives on political,social and religious issues are often shaped by their negative,positive or neutral experiences.

    But its just hard man.......its hard not to call names when you read crap like what Im about to show you he said in response to my last post because you are so provoked in your heart because you know what they are saying is wrong and ridiculous.

    The problem as alot of you know is that once you cross the line of insulting someone things get out of hand quickly with them forgetting about the topic being discussed in order to retaliate and then it just becomes a back and forth,tit for tat free for all.

    I have yet to respond to his latest post but this guy has me really hot after reading this reply post of his.Thus my next response to him will likely start a flame way unfortunately and I say unfortunately because we were moderately getting along so well.He's actually the only liberal Ive gone this far with without name calling.

    Ok so this is what I said and I can understand if some of you may not see eye to eye with some of what I said:

    Viewing your latest posts and considering the previous statements you made from hence forth Im just going to consider you a liberal leftie because there is not one damn thing you have said to think otherwise.Everything you support,defend and promote are what the ****ing *******s want to see happen to our society.How do you feel about abortion and and the 2nd amendment?Oh let me guess(eyeroll)


    1.You say something is wrong with the system yet whites commit crimes,are arrested and go to jail for their crimes just like blacks.What is wrong with the system(t the extent there is something wrong) is that proportionately blacks commit far more crime than any other group besides maybe hispanics and are disproportionatley represented in the prison system,this is definitely wrong but it is more the fault the sell out,oppurtunist leaders of the so called black establishment that promote and support ******* policies(like your doing) that have mind warped generations of African Americans to be dependant rather than independent.And history has shown that where there is a large dependency there will be a break down in provision of services and thus poverty and where there is poverty there will be crime.Period.

    2.You keep saying that you are on an equal playing field between cops and civilians but you have yet to show an exemplar of such.

    3.You said and continue to say that people should be able to live what ever lifestyles they want (since you left it open and seem to be sympathetic to the minority criminal element Im going to assume you meant in general,meaning illegal lifestyles as well) and should not have to answer for there actions through aggressive policing even when the occasion calls for it.I suppose you are one of those idiots who thinks that Michael Brown should not have been questioned by Darren Wilson after stealing merchandise from the gas station and shouldnt have been shot after attacking him.

    4.What your saying here is completley assinying.If someone gets in your face aggressively that can be constituted as a threat.If someone verbally threatens or makes threatening gestures against you same thing.In most states a police officer nor civilian have to wait for a person to carry out an act that may cause death or serious bodily harm before they can take counter measures up to and including leathal force with the common sense realization that if you allow it to become a fair challenge with the aggressor you may lose.Fact is if more people like those savage rioters in Ferguson would stop acting like animals and more like HUMANS more police officers would be...how should we say.....community freindly...on the job.If you had a job where you have to put up with 90% **** all day and dont even get recognition for the things you do right how would your attitude be?<------Thats part of being HUMAN as well.

    5.Ive actually even though born and raised as a Christian have begun to move further and further away from religious theology for the sole reason that I come to notice many so called church people are hypocritical on many different levels.My view on promiscuity and frivilous behavious stems from my own personal moral convictions.I myself have never smoked weed,only drank a few times only been to 1 party and bar a piece back when I was younger and have only been with 3 women sexually,2 of whom I was in an extensive relationship with.

    I think..........well I KNOW one of the problems with our ****ed up society and one of the reasons why America is imploding on multiple fronts is because of people like you making excuse for and defending immoral behavior.You say people are going to live frivilously and whore around.............does that make it ****ing right?NO!

    People rape little children....does that make it right NO!And this is precisely why I officially view you and your ideology as *******ed because liberals love to promote loose freedom while restricting the laws which govern them.Not sporting communist ideology but I have for the longest said that I believe one of the key problems in our nation and culture is that we have a such thing as too much freedom.

    I will be starting a web series on this talking about dead people who were directly or indirectly victims of their own demise real soon and it will be targeted at people liek you who thinks that just because things like loose sexual contact and frivilous life styles is common its ok.I believe that in life people get what they deserve and if you want an idea of my upcoming web series go and view my video on the black teen girl from Indianapolis that got raped and murdered after dressing and advertising herself on Facebook and Instagram as a "T.H.O.T".I have very little sympathy on people who either live or promote ratchet lifestyles and behavior,I actually wish more of them would die.

    I find it funny that you are only critical of the big wigs in our society like police and corperate organizations but feel that the common man should be able to do whatever he damn well pleases.Whats funny about that is what you fail to grasp.And what you fail to grasp is that the powers that be use the greed,selfishness and sinful nature of the little people to make profit and build power in order to feed their own desires.

    make no mistake sir...the rich and powerful eat,sleep,bleed and **** liek the rest of us and they have little sympathy for the rest of us because they know most people are like YOU........they only bitch and moan about the rich and powerful because there not rich and powerful not because they would be any more humanitarian if they had such influence on the world.And you neednt look at anything other than the way poor and middle class people treat each other(fighting,murder,drama,cheating in relationships,animal like lust binges,drug use,theft,passing by homeless people,bullying etc.) to prove this.Thus the powers that be are really a reflection of ourselves.

    And this is what he said in response:

    Haha go think what you think. It has no true bearing on me haha and I think abortion should be allowed for mothers. For many reasons and I have no problems with guns. I believe we should keep them as is. Just no full auto assult rifles or high-powered ones without special licenses.
    1. You're wrong about whites going to jail for some of their crimes not all. There is plenty of evidence out there that shows and support the fact that white Americans get away with stuff people of color do not. For ex. Drugs, violence, domestic violence, etc. And there are many independent Africa Americans, but there is nothing wrong with people working with one another to get things accomplished. We live in this world together, we may as well treat each other with respect. Everyone in America is dependent. Me you everyone. You are not going to get far without support from people. It how it works. So Making a race independent and alone isn't going help anyone.

    2. Ok well here. I am allowed to carry a gun with a license like a cop. I am a citizen of the U.S. like a cop. We drive on the same roads, interact with people on an everyday basis, so how are citizens like you and I not on the same level as a cop. The only difference is I don't go shooting or strangling people because they get in my face and say stuff. I've grown up to understand what people day doesn't matter. So the cops that shoot people who are unarmed are just childish and should be imprisoned without question.

    3. Typical radical conservative to assume the worst. I mean that people should be allowed to go about everyday life(shopping, eating, clubbing, and other activities) and not have the police up their *** 24/7 because of their looks. And Michael brown, and least the was conflicting reports and I won't know or pass judgement because I wasn't there..but the amount of bullets he put into him was unnecessary. So I think he could have avoided Killing him but at least there was a hint of doubt in that case. Wtf about Eric garner? That was straight up murder or at minimum manslaughter. No questions about it.

    4. Hahahaha omg your are ridiculous sir. You went from saying just verbal abuse to now making threatening gestures haha. Make up one thing and stick to it. I would understand if a guy reached for his belt without the guidance of a cop in a high tense situations. But if the guy is in my face just talking ****, why would I think I was going to die? Words are words. They don't mean anything. Anyone could say stuff and if the guy throws a punch or whatever, cops have tools other than guns to control a situation. Taser, pepper spray, etc that can take care of a situation without death or serious injury. A gun is a last resort. Not the first. And savage rioters in Ferguson?!?! Really? So when a team whens a superbowl, or any sport championship that is fine, but the second a large group of people of color riot for a legitimate cause now it's a problem gtfo. And I know people who put up with the same if not as much **** as a cop does and don't kill people. Attitude is fine, but be professional and just think. So don't give that bull **** excuse doesn't count.

    5. Your morals are your morals. They don't make them law. And also what is wrong with promiscuity if people are not getting hurt? I don't understand why? No one is getting hurt in the act. Consent between two adults makes it right. They are 18+ and can choose what they want to do with their bodies. And really? Child rape? Everyone agrees that is wrong and illegal. Its a child!! But if two grown adults want to enjoy each others bodies let them. Too much freedom? Really ? The only people who have too much freedom.is the upper class. And really a girl gets raped and no sympathy? It is her fault huh? You sir have no moral compass. You are the reason why women don't report rapes cuz of *******s like yourself who blame the girl. Man that's ****ed up. And never wish a person to die. Never.

    The thing is though that big wigs and people like yourself would kill to have more power or stomp on the little guy. As proven in history. I admire people like bill gates, operah, Warren buffet etc because they built themselves without hurting people. Desire isn't the problem. It's the way we go about it. There are too many upper class citizens who would starve a child or kill someone to make their lives .0000005 better. I bitch and moan about the powerful because they are for the most part selfish *******s who continue to hurt people to pleas themselves. Upper class has killed just as many people and the middle and lower classes. Except rich people do it by blowing money away and then firing employees for their stupid mistakes. I'm against the fact that the upper class can get away with so many things like tax breaks and even illegal acts and it is apperebtly ok with you. Power is not a reflection of one's self. His or her actions are. And you know that 
    This is not even me being sarkastic but sometimes I do wonder about how things look from the other side.Would I have a difference of view point had I hada different upbringing and life experiences because from where Im sitting what he and so many others say is just so foreign and retarded to meits liek a different language.

  • #2
    Top reasons I wanna slap him:

    1.He says there is nothing wrong with promiscuity and frivilous behavior even though it causes sexually transmitted diseases,unplanned pregnancies and encourages and is often the precursor to criminal activity.<----which is a direct cause of large welfare and tax hike incentives.

    2.He says that "we the People" should not have high powered assault rifles without "special licenses"(<------as if thats going to change jack **** )

    3.He is one of those idiots that believe police in threatening situations have time like a character in a Call of Duty first person shooter video game to cycle through all of their non-lethal force weapons before choose to use their gun and that no matter what it should be a last resort.

    4.Agrees with abortions(to me its baby killing,I know not everyone see the same way on this).

    5.Thinks that Officer Darren Wilson put too many bullets into a charging 250+pound thug who had just attacked him.

    6.Thinks officers should just tolerate people getting in their faces or other wise being disrespectful but at the same time feels that police should ALWAYS maintain professionalism and respect for the public.

    7.believes in multi-culturalism but thinks that the ethnic group(whomever they may be) that is slacking should be allowed to leech off the other groups that are thriving.

    8.Believes the rioters in ferguson were fighting for a JUST cause(<---- as if even if they were that would justify burning down and destroying a community)
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