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[AR-15] Round loaded, Stuck.


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  • [AR-15] Round loaded, Stuck.

    Hey Guys,

    Legit question, try not to laugh at me. I have a loaded round stuck inside of my AR-15. I tried banging the telestock while it's facing up (finger off trigger, slide pulled back as far as possible) I can't get that ****er out.

    Any suggestions?? Right now it's locked away facing a titanium plate.
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    Can you fire it and then deal with empty brass which may or may not eject on its own? Forward assist the heck out of it or the same with charging handle?


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      I would take the bolt carrier group out, just to be sure, when not ready for a discharge. Then, I would try the following things -

      1. Forward assist the hell out of it (or repeatedly charge it by dropping the carrier assembly on the round via charging handle), try to discharge. An empty case would be easier to remove.

      2. Pad the inside of the firing chamber with a towel, pour gun oil down the barrel, then use a thin screwdriver to try and pry the rim of the case out. Gentle is good, becuase you don't want to snap off the rim.

      3. Use safety glasses and gloves. Take a bore rod, with a concave tip to match the bullet, and put it down the the barrel. Use swift mallet strikes to push the round out enough to use pliers. Use caution to not ram the primer against any pointy object. And don't shoot your eye out.

      Or.....take it to a gunsmith and make it his problem
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        Is the bolt free after the extractor slipped over the case rim? Or, is the bolt still latched onto the case?

        I've had small pieces of brass from around the lip of a fired case come loose and remain in the chamber, lodging the next case into the chamber after it fires. I've freed those by stomping down on charging handle latches. I'm not sure how well that would work without an aftermarket charging handle that distributes force more evenly. A more controlled method would be to put the gun in a vise and hammer the charging handle latch back by putting a 2x4 up against it and hitting the other end with a hammer.


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          +1 for shoot it and deal with an empty case.


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            If you can't shoot it out, disassemble then tap it out with a cleaning rod.
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              Very educational thread.


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                I'll shoot it.
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