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  • Can I get your help?

    I need votes for a local contest. My sob story -- I work for a small PD which means I work two jobs. 12 hr shifts at the PD then 12hr shifts as a dispatcher for the county. That being said I don't have many days off and I can't remember the last time I've been out. I even got stood up on New Years. (Friend fell asleep).

    Winner of this contest gets front row seats and the Miranda lambert concert plus back stage passes.

    In the pic is me and my hopeful future K9 partner Kal-El.
    If you could take time to vote Id be INSANELY grateful!! You can vote once a day or whenever your remember.



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    Is you Nikki & Kal-El??????

    If ya tiz Damn ya' hot, even dat' mutt taint' bad look'in...

    If ya' is dat' chick I'll get as many vote thiNgy'z as I can fer' a date down by da' O.COM love pond...Sing ya' a song, listen ta' da' frogs a frogs, da' fish a' fish and Mr. moon pop up wid' dat' lovers smile......
    Originally posted by mookster
    Sully, usually I hafta glance over your posts cuz my brain would have issues with the imagery you portray, however with that one I get it. I agree one hundred percent with ya.
    Originally posted by CityCopDC
    I swear to god you are not human. I know a rogue VI when I see one.
    Originally posted by OfficerDotCom
    I think no one is probably happier than Sully and I that we ARE NOT the same person.(seriously thanking God for that one).

    Old Physicists neva' die, they just hop on a horsey and fly away inta' an infinitely massive black ho ...


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      I'm pretty sure you just killed the few brain cells I have left making me try to read that.


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