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Stupid criminals win the Darwin award


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  • Stupid criminals win the Darwin award

    From the wierd side of the WWW there is a story and video that at first seemed to me as though it was filmed in Singapor or Taiwan, but they turned out to be from Goiânia Brazil, it wins the Darwin award for 2014 for sure.
    Again, it shows the negative side of drugs, including marijuana:

    Several youths murdered one of their friends because the youth had supposedly "talked to the police" about a drug dealer who was subsequently arrested.

    They were stupid enough to not only film the whole murder, including the face of one of them re-loading the revolver, they managed to even film parts of other faces of those involved, and as a bonus the license plate of the car they were driving was captured in one of the video frames! Oops, guess they forgot to edit those things out before posting the video.

    As if that wasn't bad enough, one of them put a picture, and I think the video as well up on his Facebook page!
    Naturally, law enforcement has at least one of them in custody and have identified the others involved.

    Here's the story and the news cast:


    In English the news page is:

    Minor held with implementing video posted picture of crime in social network

    Image logs moment lookout car is assassinated in Goiás.
    In your profile, teenager claims to be 'head in Cracolândia now'.

    The 16-year-old girl suspected of killing the guard cars Marcos Vinicius Caixeta, 18, posted a picture of crime in your Facebook profile. The image where it appears pointing a gun at the victim has been published in the afternoon last Monday (24), two days after crime and a few hours before he was apprehended while doing risky maneuvers on a motorcycle in Goiana. When arrested, the police found in his cell a video of the execution of the car guard.

    The suspect's coolness impressed even the police. "His behavior is normal, cold, quiet. Flame quite remarkable that such a young person to have such a disregard with life that way. What to us is sometimes tragedy, for it is a normal thing," describes.
    Latest victim, Marcos Vinicius, who was an orphan and was raised by his grandmother, Rosalina Dias Caixeta, 72, was buried on Wednesday (26). The elderly said the boy was a drug user and regrets not being able to free you from addiction: "He tried to fix it for school, job, but he did not like and started messing with drugs First, marijuana, but the situation was complicated. when he started using crack, about three months ago. "

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