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Holder's "biggest frustration"


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  • Holder's "biggest frustration"

    I was just listening to his leaving speech, and he said his biggest frustration while in office was after seeing the horror of Newtown CT, being unable to get any "common sense" gun control measures passed. My Q would be, what "common sense" gun control measures that his office would have wanted to see passed that would have prevented Newton or a future Newton?

    He invoked a highly emotional topic to get people's mind in the "it's for the children" mode then offered nothing that would impact the risks of another Newton. Proposing laws that wouldn't have any impact on risks of Newton type shooting but would impinge on 2A/Conts Rights of law abiding citizens will (shocker or shockers) tend to get rejected.

    But, push for measures that might prevent another similar shooting, went ignored as "gun nut" options developed by the evil NRA and gun industry, etc, etc.

    It's not rocket science Mr Holder.
    - Will

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    His biggest frustration should have been that most of the country finally saw thru the BS him and his boss were trying to keep hidden,
    IRS,Wiretaps,failed arms drops to mexico drug dealers that he lost all of that are still biting the border control in the butt ,heck thers a huge list of things he should have been frustrated with.

    Sadly hes still trying to put the blame on the NRA and anyone else to shift failed policies and operations


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      Holder's biggest frustration is knowing that the kid from Wierd Al's "White and Nerdy" video has more street cred than him.
      I yell "PIKACHU" before I tase someone.


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        His biggest frustration was only being held in contempt of Congress ONCE. There is so much more to destroy in this country.

        I will vent here......The AG of the US, the person who should remain impartial and who will make the final decision on civil rights cases, goes to Ferguson, Missouri during a media and politician staged racial incident, and inflames the issue. I guess when you are completely unethical, what does one more illegal act matter? Holder has always been just a terrorist lawyer. How far we have fallen.
        September 11, 2001 - All gave some, some gave all. Never forget -- Never forgive.......... RIP Brothers and Sisters.


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          My biggest frustration is that he isn't wearing an orange jumpsuit.


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            I would have thought he'd list the Consitution as his biggest frustration. And all those pesky laws he was supposed to follow.


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              Do real stupid peeps get frustrated at been'in stupid and dumb???? If yes, then he be really frustrated and dumb'z...
              Originally posted by mookster
              Sully, usually I hafta glance over your posts cuz my brain would have issues with the imagery you portray, however with that one I get it. I agree one hundred percent with ya.
              Originally posted by CityCopDC
              I swear to god you are not human. I know a rogue VI when I see one.
              Originally posted by OfficerDotCom
              I think no one is probably happier than Sully and I that we ARE NOT the same person.(seriously thanking God for that one).

              Old Physicists neva' die, they just hop on a horsey and fly away inta' an infinitely massive black ho ...


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                He protected the man who promised hope and change, via a transparent and open administration.
                The Wall Street thieves were allowed to sack and pillage, and the middle class was eroded, derided, and portrayed as selfish, ignorant racists.
                Don't even get me started on how he has hurt Law Enforcement.....

                Good riddance.

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                  And cue the presidential pardon in ..........


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