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Some days you just don't get to win


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  • Some days you just don't get to win

    Camped out on hold all morning with insurance company, going nuts with boredom and waiting. Can't play on phone, because it's up to my ear.
    Finally, action! My cat wanders into the room!

    "Get over here so I can squeeeeeeze you," I call out to him. Well, apparently someone at the insurance company finally picked up right then, because next thing I heard is, "PERVERT!!! Jesus!" and the line disconnecting...

    I'm sure it would have been a loud slam in my ear in the old days of actually hanging up a phone. I'm even more sure I'm not calling back for a few days, because with that kind of luck I'd probably get the same one in 30,000 of them.

    So what are your embarrassing moments! Please tell me you've done at least this bad???
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    "Snort-laughter is the best medicine"
    ----- Mussel Bound

    Don't forget to laugh today. The more implausible it seems, the more you need to.

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    Well, if that comes from a woman, it is usually not a bad thing. Now, if it were a guy calling and saying that, they would have probably hung up and called 911 to report it.


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