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Part time jobs?


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  • Part time jobs?

    I am a CO in Alabama, I don't get any ot where I am at and am bored on my off days. What are some part time jobs other LEOs do? Besides security.

    I know some people landscape, but what are some unusual part time jobs you guys do to stay busy and make some extra cash?

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    I teach (adjunct instructor) criminal justice classes, facilitate a partner abuse intervention group and work for several attorneys as an investigator / process server / skip-tracer.

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      Part Time Jobs?

      Obviously, it depends on what your skills and interests are. For example, by any chance do you have a commercial drivers license? I have known some guys that like to drive and, with the appropriate license, they will drive truck on their days off.

      Similarly, is there a metro transit company near where you live. Driving a transit bus doesn't pay all that well, but if you are interested, the work is there.

      I have known some guys to work as a car salesman on their days off. They don't get rich, but some dealerships are flexible about when you work and it could be an option.

      I have even heard of some guys with an interest in electronics to work for radios shops on their time off. They might be delivering radios to a fire department one day and programming mobile radios with a computer the next day.

      Some guys and gals that have have an interest in fire service get on with a fire department that staffs with a daytime crew a day a week. While it certainly would not be for everyone, for some people it works out quite well.

      Still other folks, with an interest in health care, are able to get a gig as a nurse's aide or assistant at a nearby hospital. Of course, with a background in corrections, they might want to steer you towards adult or adolescent locked psychiatric floors.

      Do some serious thought as to what your goals are. Do you simply want extra cash only? Or, do you want an extra job that contributes to your current or a different pension. Lots of young guys and gals only think about the money now, but getting in somewhere that has contributions to your current, or a different, defined benefit pension is worthy of looking at.


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        Sometimes when I'm watching TV I log onto and work on a few "hits". I guess you can't really consider it a part-time job, since you make very little money because they only pay pennies for each one. But it is a legitimate way to make a few extra dollars. It is run by, so you can either have the money sent to your bank account or use it towards an Amazon purchase. Like I said, you don't make a lot of money there, but it is something to do while you are sitting at home.


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