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another major Arctic surge


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  • another major Arctic surge

    If this is heading your way Please keep safe and warm.

    Statement as of 2:49 PM CST on January 24, 2014

    ... Several periods of snow expected from tonight into Sunday... then
    another major Arctic surge for early next week...

    More snow is expected through tonight as another Arctic cold
    front drops over the state overnight. An inch or two of snow is
    anticipated over most locations with locally higher amounts toward
    Vilas County. Blustery southwest winds ahead of the front will
    shift northwest behind the front tonight. The blustery winds...
    combined with the new snow fall... will continue to produce areas
    of drifting snow on area roadways... especially over open rural
    areas. Cold temperatures later tonight into Saturday will likely
    continue to hinder the efforts of Highway crews to treat the
    roadways... so travel could be impacted.

    Another storm system could bring a few inches of snow to the area
    late Saturday night and Sunday. Increasing northwest winds Sunday
    night will also lead to blowing and drifting of the fresh snow.
    Anyone with travel plans during the latter part of the weekend
    should closely monitor later forecasts for potential headlines.

    The most significant weather event is likely to be another major
    Arctic surge early next week. Bitterly cold air will surge back
    into the area in the wake of Sunday/S storm. This time... the core
    of the cold air will be driven southward directly across the
    area... much as it was earlier in the month. It appears
    temperatures will be unable to rise above zero Monday or Tuesday.
    When combined with gusty northwest winds... wind chills may drop as
    low as 45 below zero by Tuesday morning. Be sure to monitor the
    latest forecasts for updated information on specific temperatures
    and wind chill expected in your area.
    There are certain crimes that are simply too cruel, too sadistic, too hideous to be forgiven.”
    ― John E. Douglas, Journey Into Darkness.

    6 Things you don't mess with.





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    Sorry Steve,

    When I saw the topic I misread it and through it said " major urge".
    Nevertheless a good post thx.


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      I heard a rumor that Punxsutawney Phil was seen buying a plane ticket to Panama.
      My new word for the day is FOCUS, when someone irritates you tell them to FOCUS


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        Originally posted by sanitizer View Post
        Sorry Steve,

        When I saw the topic I misread it and through it said " major urge".
        Nevertheless a good post thx.

        Sire Officer sani...

        Yaz' "thought" and I "had'z"...

        And I did'z..

        Da' nasta'...

        Originally posted by Iowa #1603 View Post
        I heard a rumor that Punxsutawney Phil was seen buying a plane ticket to Panama.


        Sire Officer 1603 who da' hell tiz' tiz' commie LEO hate'in
        scum's bag dat' iz oughta' rez-'range his face ???

        Well'z snapper's 'a ronnie..

        Anyway'z Stevo..

        If this thinGy head's fer da' O way, iz' ginna grab it by da' tail's..

        Give it a good spin thingy..
        and dispatch it ta' where'z it come from'z..

        Dis town don't put up's wid' it'z kind..

        Shut up Idiot, Steve is just trying to help.

        No, ya' shut yaz' rat trapped donkey'z, ya' ova' blown wind'ed bagged

        winged piece O' space junk's..

        whY don't ya go out and rape atotha' young philly,
        ya' pre-veR-ted tail'ed, no Gud's pile O' infested horseY flies!

        and why'z ya' at it'z bring ma' some grub's..

        and not dem' werm thiNgyie'z..

        Even thoUgh's dat' last pile O' grub's twErt dat' bad
        I must declAre'z..

        Can'z anybOdy'z define what dis here "mac an' cheese" stuffy tiz???

        Da' Trig did dOne proclaim'ed dat' dis tiz' what
        peeps like...

        I must admit'z daz' kinda' gud', find dat' da' one's dat' tiz'
        still wiggle'in tastes'Ed a tad' betta' dan da' one
        dat twert' a wiggl'inz..

        Da' ones dat' twert' wiggl'ins like twas' mo' crispy like's thouGh's..

        Da' thinGy'ies I spyed upon'z da' move'in box picture thingy machiny
        dat' proclaiMe dat' day's twas' called dump'in...

        I dink day's twas' called "twice, or ice, or rice rispee'z or crispiEs or
        dump'in of da' sort'Z..

        Do anYbody'Z have a problem wid' da' "O'z wata'???
        I done did fill ma' bucket from da' town well and spied upon'z
        dump'in dat' looked likeGamMaracanthUskytOdermOgaMmarus .. it come from da' M104 / NGC 4594
        da' Sombrero Galaxy as ya' peep's call's it'z ...

        You Professor, is a omadhaun morosoph.

        What dat???

        What dat???

        betta' bee's dump'in gud' or iz' gunna' slice ya' up's real nice like's..

        From'z yaz' Equus caballus butt hOles from dem' floppy ear'z ta' dat'
        rudda' ya' call da equiSetaceae comPensata'..

        Anybody want sum horsey burger'z??

        Originally posted by mookster
        Sully, usually I hafta glance over your posts cuz my brain would have issues with the imagery you portray, however with that one I get it. I agree one hundred percent with ya.
        Originally posted by CityCopDC
        I swear to god you are not human. I know a rogue VI when I see one.
        Originally posted by OfficerDotCom
        I think no one is probably happier than Sully and I that we ARE NOT the same person.(seriously thanking God for that one).

        Old Physicists neva' die, they just hop on a horsey and fly away inta' an infinitely massive black ho ...


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          In other words, a cold front, aka Winter is happening.

          Are we naming this one? Because I feel we are being left out. If we are going to name our cold fronts, I want to name the heat waves.

          Here comes Heat Wave Bob.
          I yell "PIKACHU" before I tase someone.


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            It's supposed to snow here.

            CLOSE ALL THE THINGS!!

            >>Ephesians 6:13<<


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              Originally posted by sunnymw View Post
              It's supposed to snow here.

              CLOSE ALL THE THINGS!!
              Yup.. even the thought of snow shuts this entire state down.


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                Hell, we're so bad at driving in ice, if someone spills a Red Solo Cup with ice tea on the ground, we close all of the schools.
                I yell "PIKACHU" before I tase someone.


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                  major Arctic surge
                  Sounds like a professional wrestler.
                  "I am a Soldier. I fight where I'm told and I win where I fight." -- GEN George S. Patton, Jr.

                  "With a brother on my left and a sister on my right, we face…. We face what no one should face. We face, so no one else would face. We are in the face of Death." -- Holli Peet


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                    Does this mean Obama will take another vacation in Hawaii to escape the cold?
                    Originally posted by RSGSRT
                    We've reached a point where natural selection doesn't have a chance in hell of keeping up with the procreation of imbeciles.
                    Why is it acceptable for you to be an idiot, but not acceptable for me to point it out?


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                        Originally posted by Rudy8116 View Post
                        Hell, we're so bad at driving in ice, if someone spills a Red Solo Cup with ice tea on the ground, we close all of the schools.
                        Yup. We closed a couple weeks ago just because it was so cold and there was a POSSIBILITY of ice. How dare these poor kids have to stand out in the cold to catch the bus..

                        We'll see.. the weather forecast in my county is calling my 1-2 inches of snow tomorrow.. guess that means I need to run to the grocery store and clear the shelves..


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                          Originally posted by JustAJ View Post
                          AJ. I bet you do.


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                            Originally posted by sanitizer View Post
                            AJ. I bet you do.

                            This is what our winters look like


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                              double tap
                              Last edited by BTDT2; 01-27-2014, 10:19 AM.


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