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Convincing your wife to let you get an AR15


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    Put a red bow on it, place it under the tree and say it is for her.


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      Originally posted by Multi Tasker View Post
      Ummm..your new to this whole marriage thing aren't you?
      Not even married
      This show is awesome, wrapped in supercool and smothered in bitchin. The only way it could be cooler is if he was riding a unicorn or something.



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        Originally posted by The State View Post
        Put a red bow on it, place it under the tree and say it is for her.
        This actually works quite well. My wife and I were watching something about snipers on the military channel one night. She looks at me and says "We should get a sniper rifle". I simply asked her how much I could spend. She didn't really have a solid answer since she doesn't know gun prices much.

        I kept her primed over the next few months as I shopped for the rifle, optics, etc. I would show her photos of two sniper rifles and ask her which she preferred, etc. I resisted the urge to go straight to a Barrett and instead bought a .308 with a muzzle brake. This way it shoots gentle and won't cause her to flinch much.

        When the big day came, I handed her the complete system in a new pelikan case and then we went to the range. I zeroed the scope, and then handed it over to her. She hit an 8" steel plate at 300 yards on her first round, and has been hooked every since! She loves "her" rifle", and is kind enough to let me shoot it when I want.

        I hear she is looking at something in .338 Lapua lately. I will see what I can do...


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          I'm a few months away before my academy starts but have 9 years military and have also been dying to get an AR-15. Your wife sounds like mine in a lot of ways and I think building a financial argument would be the route to go from what I've read. If I suggested dropping $1,000 on a weapon she would look at me like I was crazy unless I could back it up with a game plan such as selling things I don't need or would be willing to part with, and putting "X" amount away every month until I had enough to pay cash for it.

          I know it's not the golden selling point you're looking for, but it might be easier for her to swallow putting $100/mo (cash into a jar or someplace in the house so it won't feel like you're missing it at the end of the month) than spending the full $1,000 at once. You could argue that if the stuff hit the fan the $ would still be availible if needed, and if it turns out it's not needed when you get the full amount it won't feel to her like you're simply "blowing" money as it was allocated money to begin with. Hope this helps and hope you can swing it!


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            Originally posted by Kennedyford
            Buy piece by piece if you are going to build. Equal to the latte and slurpies every month.
            Cash back at the grocery store and any vendor using the card.
            Bonus or off duty paychecks that she may not see.
            My favorite, bank overpays taxes and sends overage check..have to get to mail first. Missed last one.
            Buying items at store then returning them and keepin cash for jar.
            Selling things on CL and pocketing the cash.
            My personal choice to prevent spending of cash until time is right. I used my bonus and liquidated the stuff around the house using CL, and went and bought silver oz from local coin store. Paid spot plus 1 buck over. When I decide to liquidate silver has to be above 1.50 from what I purchased to break even. Right now its value is moving upwards a lil at a time.
            Your wife clearly wears the pants in your household if you're doing all that just to buy yourself something you want.


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              Should be "Convincing your wife to HELP you get an AR15". Worked for me many years ago......
              Getting shot hurts! Don't under estimate the power of live ammo. A .22LR can kill you! I personally feel that it's best to avoid being shot by any caliber. Your vest may stop the bullet, but you'll still get a nice bruise or other injury to remember the experience.


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                To those saying just do it, or 'blow her off', etc., that would be a hell of a marriage to be trapped in. It sounds like they are communicating and that is the key to a good one. If he just did it, it would cause friction and diminish the joy of the purchase. Wife >>>> any frickin' object.

                OP: I would approach it slightly differently, because honestly, most women generally have a better grasp of household finances than the man does (I make the money, you keep track of it syndrome, my wife is the purser), and it sounds like she is looking out for BOTH of you as a unit, not herself alone.

                Now, to my tact: Does she work? If so make a deal: both can save some side money (OT, brown bag lunches, less beer, less beauty shop/clothes, maybe slip a dinner out, etc.) to accumulate some cash for a purchase for each of you. If you each save $500, you can use $1000 from the regular funds, and each buy something for $1000. Make it a game. Use it as birthday and/or Christmas presents for the next year. Honestly sometimes the planning/shopping/anticipation is as good as the obtaining.

                Toys are nice but someday this woman is going to be feeding you and changing your diapers.
                Seriously, work with her, she might just be right, and finances are a common cause for marital discord.


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