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National alert system test,,, failure


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  • National alert system test,,, failure

    Reading many different stories about the test today for the national emergency alert system which was conducted nationwide on radio and television....

    The test was a failure as many people in many states so nothing on their televisions or had 30 seconds of dead air on the radio...
    Retired LASD

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    Our TV went black for about ten seconds...then the "test" teletyped on the bottom...then that was it!
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      I hope they didnt screw up anything i was recording with my dvr because of this test. They are retarded and noone pays attention to them. If you are in a area where there is a emergency happening that they need to use that you are well aware of it happening before hand.

      Hell we get severe thunder storm warning on a weekly basis and we just ignore them.
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        Absolutely nothing happened here!
        I'm old......that's all.


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          They are still announcing this on local cable hours after the test was supposed to happen.


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            It worked on KTTH AM radio when I was listening. I crawled under my desk until the alarm lifted.


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              Full of fail. Has the gov't not yet figured out that the best way to get information to large numbers of people nowadays is via the net? And if you want to maximize the number of people it goes to, mark it "secret." Bonus - has a cost of exactly zero taxpayer dollars. How much did this failure cost I wonder.


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