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NC woman with breast cancer loses custody of her children


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    It's the judge's job to consider the totality of circumstances. Seems to be what this judge did here. As for what the kids said, I think most judges take that into consideration, but it's not the only factor to be considered. Do you really think a tweenage girl is going to say on national tv that she wants to go with dad with mom sitting right next to her?

    It is not your child's job to stay with you so that you die later rather then sooner...it's your job to make sure they feel safe and secure and have consistency.

    She did not lose custody of her kids because of cancer, she lost primary custody because she has demonstrated poor judgement. That she has used her cancer in an effort to get primary custody back...and cast aspersions on the judge by saying that she's not qualified to decide since she is childless suggests she may also have some character issues as well.

    While Giordano's case has won her national sympathy, court documents show neither of the children's parents have been angels. They got into an altercation and both spent the night in jail.

    But, Giordano has more strikes against her. Her ex-husband was able to land a job in Chicago and find a house in a good school district, while Girodano is unemployed and facing ongoing cancer treatment.

    She also confessed to having an adulterous relationship, and spending days out of state with a married man while her children were with their grandparents.

    On another occasion, court documents show Giordano did not make suitable arrangements for her children on a day a doctor told her she was going to be admitted to the hospital.

    The documents say she took her children with her to Duke Hospital.

    To avoid calling child protective services, a doctor took the children home with her. The doctor called it a crisis, and Giordano called it a great opportunity for the children to get to know the person treating their mother.

    Finally, when the children were visiting their father, Giordano failed to send her son's epinephrine pen. She wrote that shows she has difficulty separating her anger from the well-being of her children.

    However, the judge did state she could get 50 percent custody if she moves to Chicago.

    That's something Giordano is unwilling to do.

    "It really would be dangerous for me to move away from my support system and my medical team," Giordano said in a previous interview..

    Currently, a United Airline's flight attendant is offering buddy passes so Giordano can fly to see her children.

    She's also seen hundreds of dollars pledged to help with medical and legal bills.
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      There's a lot about this mother that sounds very selfish, and it is clear she has a history of bad decision-making. One can only hope that the judge is indeed taking the totality of the picture into consideration AND that the judge is an acute judge of human nature so unlikely to be fooled by posturing from any party involved.

      Incidentally, do not take anything I have said to be an indication that I believe the child's job is to stay with the mom so the mom will die later rather than sooner. That is NOT what I am trying to say (although I do believe having her children removed against their will could have a negative effect on the mother's health).

      What I am trying to say is that whether this is a good mother with a fine track record, or a bad mother with a rotten track record, it appears she and the children have little time left to relate to one another. She is the only mother they have, and they will carry their memories of their part in her dying for the rest of their lives. The ability for them to be there with her, the ability to be able to help her in some ways, may be extremely important FOR THEM in the long run.

      They may not even know enough to know that she's not been a very good mother. And they probably do love her, whether or not she is deserving of it, or deserving of them. So being able to be with her may be very important to them, and I am not willing to write off what they say, even if in this case they were set up by being asked in front of her.

      I hope that wherever they are, they are getting good support and help to process what is happening in their lives.
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        Very sad for the mother and children. Taking the children will hurt her recovery, she needs them.
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          this judge is an idiot.


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            What makes you think the judge took this decision lightly? What makes you more qualified than the judge to make the decision?

            MG108 has taken the time to put this into a completely different perspective and I agree with him.

            The judge is to look out for the welfare of the kids not the mother. The mother may want the kids, but they are simply too much responsibility for her at this time. You can't expect the judge to allow the mother to pawn the kids off on others when there is a perfectly capable father around.


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