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Which is the funniest bit for you in this interview?


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  • Which is the funniest bit for you in this interview?

    For those who don't know, ali g is a comic ghetto british character played by Sacha Cohen. He basically interviews actual people (so they are not acting) and asks them stupid questions.

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    Ali g is pretty funny on his show. His movies over here were not as good. I have a hard time believing anyone goes on his show and does not know who he is by now. He does try to pull off the filming as if no one knows they are on film (in some of his movies over here) but I never bought in to it. Never the less it is entertainment.
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      Well, he interviews unsuspecting guests, so they are actually led to believe that his character is real. The clip above is actually really funny, especially when he addresses the guy as "virgin". However, I don't if know if others would find it as funny. I love his humour and the way he gets the cleverest people in the world with his stupidity. I'm not really selling this to you but if anyone doesn't find that clip funny, you could watch the one below. You'll probably find it even funnier.


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