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Laser Eye Surgery (Need Advice!)


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  • Laser Eye Surgery (Need Advice!)

    So im sick of wearing contacts for 12+ hours a day and getting my eyes dry. I dont like glasses on duty for officer safety reasons and i want to wear sunglasses. Ive been wanting to do the procedure for sometime but i have my doubts. i did the consultation and they said i was a great canidate for custom lasik. Yet i felt like i was being sold at the consultation. From the nurse to the doctor i felt that they were all trying to sell me, definetly not like being in a typical doctors office. I was told about another procedure called PRk where there is no flap but longer recovery. i read that the lasik flap could shift over time and get infected and you have to be careful from rubbing it etc etc. Instead of doctors i was hoping some of my peers with first hand experience or knowledge could help me out. thx!

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    nice. do you remember how much time you took off work?


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      I had PRK in the left, and Lasik in the right. My left was not a good candidate for Lasik.

      Like said above the PRK takes longer to optimize, and there are risks associated with Lasik.

      Both will result in dry eyes. SERIOUS dry eyes. For 6 months you will wake up at night with bone dry eyes from the pain. When you put in drops it will be the most wonderful feeling of ecstasy you've ever experienced.

      It does eventually get better. For me it was around 2 years for me to essentially not need daily drops.

      As for what time to take off work, not being a cop, and having only a desk job I would say I wish I even took 2 weeks off. So if I were you I would take a much time as you can.

      Also, don’t spend any time at the range. That is unless you wear swimming goggles. Keep everything you can out of your eyes while they heal for 3 months.

      I’m only saying there are things that aren’t pleasant while you heal, but I’m so glad I did it, and I wish I’d done is sooner.
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        Definitely do it.

        I know at least 12 people who've had Lasik and loved it. I was the only one who needed a fix up 10 years later. One of my eyes degressed and I had to have PRK.



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          I had lasik 10 years ago and haven't had a problem since. just had my eyes checked and i'm at 20/20.

          i don't have the night glare some people complain about and no dry eyes either.

          just do your research and pick a reputable doctor for the procedure.... stay away from the buy one eye get the other free kinda guys


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            The Wife had Lasik where they laser everything. She loves it! Eye sight is good! No complaints!



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              Im also considering doing it. I'll wait a few years because im only 21, but I cant wait to just be able to get out of bed and not have to poke these contacts in my eyes lol.


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                I did it, best decision I ever made....it was literally a total of 15 min from start to finish...go for it. It'll pay for itself within a couple years.


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