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I now understand Hank Hill.


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  • I now understand Hank Hill.

    A. I never knew that you could get buck off a sod cutter, hind site being 20/20 I shouldn't have been riding it like a bull in the first place, but I was getting bored.

    B. Measure, measure, measure, ADD and a sod cutter are a bad thing.

    C. Dead spots in your lawn don't clean up without a lot of shoveling and swearing at the previous owner.

    D. Taking a shot to the nuts from a shovel handle will make your day worse.

    E. Excited to the point of stupidity about the garden and my $80.00 order from Gurney's.

    F. Working on your yard is a good way to figure out which neighbor's aren't really running at max capacity upstairs, if you know what I mean.
    Sometimes, doing the right thing means p***ing off the bosses.

    "And shepherds we shall be, for thee my lord for thee."

    Originally posted by dontknowwhy
    I still think troopers and deputies who work in the middle of no where with essentially no back up are the 'men among men' of the LEO world.
    Originally posted by weinerdog2000
    as far as your social experiment, if we cant film you then you cant film us, we will arrest you for obstruction of our freedom.

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    Darn giblet head.
    Refuse to be a victim-Support Concealed Carry


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      Yep, just walkin around in my lush, super plush, new lawn...
      It could be that the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning to others.


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