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  • Ever think MAN WHY AM I IN THIS CLASS?

    I am currently in a business communications class at college. I hate every bit of this class but for some reason it is listed as a requirement for my major. I dont believe anyone other than business loving people. I cant stand some of the techniques we have to use in this class. I ask my self what am I doing when were assigned to type up papers and papers that's main point is to deliver something you can say to someone over the phone in less than 30 seconds. Why why why? I am thinking that this is a way for the college to get us to waste money and time on worthless class(in my situation). Ever been in this situation or state of mind?

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    Sounds like it's prepping you for the working world, and all the tedium and red tape therein!


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      Yup, I had this thought today lol


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        Originally posted by Reiland View Post
        Sounds like it's prepping you for the working world, and all the tedium and red tape therein!

        While I’m opinionated here and think I write quite freely what it may take years to figure out is how to write/communicate in a manner that is antiseptic, that communicates a thought trying to achieve a certain action without conveying any emotion or an opinion about something.

        You’re going to communicate to varying levels of people internally and externally both formally and informally.

        So it becomes an art of saying something without meaning anything with the realization that what you write can come back to you at an unknown point in the future.

        I know you might not see this in class as you’re likely not given subject matter that is juicy enough.

        However, imagine if you will for a moment you think your CEO is doing something illegal and you want to cover your rear end. You can sure as heck bet your going to fall back on your fundamental business writings.

        Or what if you are in a contract dispute with a business partner and things are getting close to legal action.

        Or even more innocent when interacting with vendors who you do business with. You want to maintain a certain level of distance and professionalism because they are always trying to buddy up to you and secure your business, and they are only acting in the best interest in their company before yours.

        You need to know how to be professional and emotionally detached.

        Reiland put it better as I quoted above, what I wrote said the same thing with the benefit of business school
        "Corruptisima republica plurimae leges."

        "The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws."
        - Cornelius Tacitus


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          Hence why Reiland studied economics instead of business

          None of my colleagues appreciate my direct approach...seems the way to be is passive aggressive... so I continue to learn to play BS with the normal people, and be all friendly and super nice - basically, I'm an actress Gag me. I always wonder, "How the heck do they actually like this crap, and not see right through it??" So silly to me.


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            Everyday I can't wait to graduate!


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              You NEED this class.



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                I asked myself why am I in this class when I went to skid mark analysis school and I had not study math in about 20 years.
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