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    It could be that the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning to others.

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    DACP...This is real cool...

    Skully, WhEre's U At?...AnD BrInG TiGeR...


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      LOL I like how he talks the same way he writes.
      Budda sat in front of a wall and when he stood up he was enlightened. I sat in front of a wall and when I stood up the wall was enlightened.

      We forge our skills in the fire of our will.


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          That was pretty good.
          NRA Life Member

          The police are the public and the public are the police; the police being only members of the public who are paid to give full time attention to duties which are incumbent on every citizen in the interests of community welfare and existence. - Sir Robert Peel

          Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats. - H. L. Mencken


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            That was great!!
            We do not all come to religion over the wandering years,
            but sooner or later we all get to meet God. -- Edward Conlon


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              Haha...that was good. My wife walked in while I was watching, looked at me with some concern, and said "Ok...you watch that. I'm going to go put my makeup on."
              "All that is, ever
              Ever was, will be, ever
              Twisting, turning, through the never."--Metallica


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                hahahahahahaha my gf and i are watching something serious, but i'm watching the video, volume really low and just bust out laughing....she looked at me like i was crazy. so fitting
                dubbed code name: Alien #69


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                  oh goodness... That's flippin funny..


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                    Sully, wur ya's @?


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                      OMG That was frigging Awesome LMAO.. "That Danny Boy put up a fight 2.5 days" " If the O.com choppers come in and ban me it's a part of the fing job" OMG I am in tears as I type this.

                      You sir did a fine job!!!!!!
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                      There are no stupid questions, but there sure are a lot of inquisitive idiots.


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                        double tap

                        There are no stupid questions, but there sure are a lot of inquisitive idiots.


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                          What is it Boy???


                          Well change up da' course aNds slide downs da' land Of dar's comm. frequencies....
                          Dis here betta' be potant's like, cause we mess'In wid a unsTable werm Hole thinGy..
                          Against da' pro-Ta-calls of da' naturals of orders of dAz reality stuff....

                          Dump all TexT inta' ma' DSP data conversion thingY, roll off @ 40Db/decade,
                          sync up and balance dat' modUlator, suppress da' carrier, correct fer' propaGation delay and Phase shIft.
                          Sum it up, compare da' secret Intermediate Frequency, and pump It through ta' ma' multi-Mode, double cladded fiber and leter's rip at triple da' Nyquist sample rate, cain't be ta' careful even in dis' here
                          Plane of sine, TanGents, and unseemly slopes of bent and compressed non end'in reality horizons...

                          I'll be damn'ed again and shipped ta' hells in a wheel barrel
                          Dat' Officer DACP done and tricked us i dink, he sho' nuffs did...

                          Trigger run da' numbers, weed out possible secret algorithms and Pray
                          Lt. Borelli and da' council don't get wind of dis...

                          ohhh Lordy Da' major Monty is gunna unplug us....
                          dis' might com-Pro-mise da' whole damn town of da' O....

                          Damn O.com whiskey's, daT' monkey got ma' again!, now I's been caught wid' ma' pants Down's, again,
                          a blabb'in ta' some silver tongued suit....
                          In da' plaCe where da' libs are thick as crab lice on a patch of warm crotch rot...

                          whats dat Trig???

                          No ya'z blasted, horse haired, four legged varmit...
                          we just cain't jump da' wire and take as many anti-LEO troll nests out...
                          Ya' know damns well, daz is a permeable and runn'in 'round in da' tunnels like a bad case of da' trollian Syphilis sive morbus gallicus, wid' a mouthful of
                          anus warts ta' boot!

                          ( mean while the Professor and his trusty steed, roll with into the dusty mist of the unexplainable, the particles of waves that have always been...shifting on, sand grains, dancing, forever drops of dreams, the universal background rhythm, random cosmic stuffy that is totally simplistic and woven true as if Aphrodite herself spun this to warm Apollo son of Zeus, the warriour keeper of the silver bow, that in which Major Monty, son, that to a unseen eye would glaze over, like translucent sugary, on a everlasting sweet cosmic dough nut, the Power Rings For Officers in blue and tan, scratching out proclaiming to "press hard", while diligently rotating one perceptions....Aware of the One thing, the flying cow....The warmth of any rear light lens to secretly drop their mark....a mark to the all encompassing question.... Why did you pull me over? Huh? why me Officer?...It's because, I am, who I am, you singled me out!. Why don't you do your job, rather than hassle me?, a poor stupid civy that would loose a game of "pick-up" with a cold carrot stick....)

                          And so it goes, the sheep, the weak, the brainless masses, operating 2 tons of plastic, metal, rubber and fluids to propagate between two point as in the definition, the first element, Euclid's element...

                          The civy's guide to connect two braincells, a monumental task no doubt...

                          Deeps In da' Space wheRe's dar's no Time...
                          DeeP's in da' Time wherE's no no Space......
                          circles to finite lines
                          finite line to circles..

                          Where's dar's no sound..
                          In da' beginn'in of da' end of The 9Th year..
                          Of da' circle O', da' seal, da'z defender
                          stacked on da' barE bones of Promise
                          A coUncil sits above digital dirt's...
                          float'in above da' table
                          Da' table of da' Supreme Council..
                          Da' plain of da' O..
                          Delivered from da' black bird
                          Da' O.COM bird O' death..

                          deep in da' seed of time.
                          they were eliptical
                          Born from below
                          The LEO hating troll..

                          Dar' was a War....
                          A War to breaCh da' gates of a place succEeded bY holes...
                          Tunnels O' red eyed, Freaks of satan, da' anti-LEO Troll
                          animal waste in a shell..

                          Dis is da' stoRy, a storY of glory, gory, Red bloOd's and blue...
                          Stirred in a crucible made of human flesh, will, and lit, true ta' liGht, fOcused ..

                          "TriGgER, Keeps outta' da' perception of float....
                          Back'S in da' decePtion's, re-preceptions"
                          I say!

                          Ya Know's da' rules of da' nature Of da' all ThanGy's...

                          What??? What??.....

                          Da' Admirals strategy, Da' way's, ta' kill a troll...

                          "In battle begets opportunity too bleed out da' troll I say"
                          It was the Fleet motto, Our motto, da' O's motto...

                          Yaz damn wells betta' lives up to it. Hold yourself together. Use your God given resouRses, Strive. Never give up! But it waS getting proportionally, logaritHmIcally difficulT.


                          Ya' Cannot violate's da'z lines of communication had lost tha' human speech power of . my mind, ElectroniCally modified by nanotechnological Trollian type intruders, had been converted to use the same incomprehensible Gobble-gibbleDat' of da' Troll bastards. Only Da' Admiral and Trig whOm's, "bowwored'ed da' human conVersion, so far, free from Anti-LEO trollian nanotechnological infection of da' brain thinGy, still spoke human's language. He was trapped in a round, refractive bubble, unable to communicate wid' da' Admiral concern'in dat' snatched VestiGial sideband TransmiSsion froM officer DACP...Break'in da' rules oF Gods Laws...

                          "In adversity, opportunity, Sun Su say, he did, we will, I do's declares....

                          What's da' opportunity? Why,I ask??? linguistics and other stuffy, TrollIans Trash??? Here was We's, marooned, StucK like a turD in da' pipe of dark.... in the middle of da' trollian alien Tunnel lined wid, dar's dope's and Bongs of dar' gatewaY ta' idiocy, we was!!. The Trollian tongue was a code to crack. Crack the code, and maybe we's be able ta'z understand the warPed'ed ways of the scummy tollIan mind itself......

                          We had da' tech-no-logy da' balls, da' resourses, fer' a protRacted battle, da't will we have, we will con-fiS-cate, not da' strawberry ways, da' road of da' spinless wayz of da' Trolls.....

                          In-Com-pre-Hens-ible of all dat' was the babble's O' indifference of dem bastards. The peeps of da' O who slauGhtered and took dar' possesioNs of highness and discused'ed a lowlY living in Da' trollian tunnels dat' permeated our O.com city were slimy pits of diseAseDed minds...Degraded ta' werm $h1T. Glow'in invisibly in dar' hoLes of stuPidity...

                          Totha' nOn's of da' trolls took a like'in ta' recognize that there were aCtuall'ies discust'in to tha' otha' slime balls living in their midst, Dat' we Planted, our O.COM forces, covert and sharp as a throat cutt'in razor......Dem stupid anti-LEO, Butt bangers, was gunna' get a reverse turd of hot coals and flame from what daz were sporned'ed from dar' destiny, both barrels of da' blue, da' Lawmen's short arms of a quiCk, hot, burn'in, hurt'in long, eduCation, daz's was a' gunna receive, receive it haRd and Long like...

                          It was now 3 of your years, since the mule train dumped da' Admiral, da' perfessor, Destiny of war, WAR... in dar' land of meat beat'in, dirty, wire cutt'in ***** up's,,,, Was gunna' come crash'in downs on dar's soft polluTrd heads, disintegrating from da' inside out....We smoked em' out of dar' anti-LEO trollian tunnels O' darkness... . Da' Trig, da' white horse, above!,, fly'in da' flag O' blue! Da' flag of ya's screwed!!

                          Since Den.., the ones dat were left, made a nest together in this huge, echoing tunnel, da' trolls dug, dug unda' da' wiRe in periodic tides, crEatin mo',,,mo' holes bent on their own my-ster-ious trollian purpoSes of no gud dirty breed'in.

                          One troll, named danny boy, O-be-dient to da' hallucinations of his inbrEad'ed daddy's simi-craiNial manual, had met-icUlously salvaged and scraped anything and everything dat could possibly be useful: wire, used butt wipe paper, boones farm wine bottles, cans, dried rat crap, stolen O.COM arms and material,,, He kept it all in his "Hole": Da' box, his dead skin, pulled troll teeth, O.COM prisoners O' war stuffy, thingies which da' bastard looked at, thew, ate, spyieded..."Analysis," said troll, seizing his opportunity's. "Translation.of da' decent folk, "Interpretation of da' human'S" Like a Primeval mOnkey thingy...

                          Tha' idear that we could actually alter reality, time, da' mind through efforts was one of dem' ponderbals, it was.... With amaz'in rapidity, We began to accumulate, gather mind, troll mind materials of thought. On carved scraps of troll brain slices, We comPiled thar' organic, nuronic synaps nodes and linguistic type data, information in da' O labs Of War.... The nanotechnological slices were combined into one,,, We, us musta't have completed a partial brain, data wipe, We could no longer read or write like da' regular peeps. No matter: So we ( da Major Monty) invented his own phonetic alphabet ( Sullian) to record the semantic and abbreviAted O.COM reality dat' surrounded, above, below all around us ( Da' trig).
                          few hours, ten. Ten rotations, some mo'.Trigger was flying, den' break'in through dat' barrier. dem little lazy electrons flew within him and da' Professor. Disturb'in Problems collapsed under the impact of this natural active combined circuits. He ( Da' major)realized — this was the critical breakthrough — that the mechanical sounds emitted by the trolls achieved meaning through a complex but gross, prime-errr post Cambrian interrelationship wid' da' trolls' hand gestures, finga' point'in and totha' movements of them gawd awufull, reptilian elliptiCal eyeballed evil look'in thingy's.

                          Finally, we's was perty sure we done did reach da' point where we almost had them thar' trollian problems licked. By the time Earth came to its 3rd rotation, We's would be Blabb'in away wid da' trollian scum bags, blabb'in trash, cary'in on...wid dem hairy inbreded stink'in animals.......

                          Believe us, it twert' no duck walk, let ma' tell's ya'll right now...worse dan da' black helo anyday...a walk in da' park it was...This was a operation by all da' troops, ya'll done spied da' unclassified list of O.COM soldiers.....

                          We was on dar' trollian underground mov'in picture machiny thingies...anti-LEO Troll TV blabber shows, a visiting lecturer at their universities. Why, We started da' dink we's might not ever ta' waltz outta dat' dar' hole of hell's....! Elec-Tri-cal Logic followed da' rules, da' rules of da' mission through our train'in, procedures, equipment's and Policy of da' O.COM. protocol thingy, it was embedded.... Atotha' 72 hours or so we would know... — cracked da' damndable problem. Da' key to the trollian tongue and ways.
                          And then, unexpectedly, the trolls attacked, dat was da' war...archived in da' war thready thingy...."Per da' Supreme Council".

                          Dem bastard trolls had shocktroops, arty across da' wire, in sectors..but we was a' pre-pared,, we was....Daz came at sundown, dat, miserble day, Chaplain Keppy was fully up ta' her's neck in our wounded and die'in.... They came in force, Morph'in trollian, snake like zombies, entities dressed in fluorescent hippie like's, with helmets, helmets made of weed and holes in dem!. Dayz had all da' crap hard core porn stars picked up from years of act'in, old stolen weapons from da' O, water ballons full of trollian polluted pee, even da' little naked ones were runn'in round and round, throw'in gernades and LSD smoke bombs..... Day's tried ta' overcome da' wire,,, One, two three, hell day didn't give a damn, one, ten one hundred, den's whole nests of da' bastards lay'in across da' wire...!

                          We's were n a pro-tract-ed type War fer' our lives, fer da' o...destroyed the encampment of boxes, sending the surviv'in crew members scrambling in all directions.

                          The notes! Da' Majors intel peeps da' researches! Via crYto-Nom-Cal, self-devised codes! They wud be a' swept away by a tornado of Trolls!! all gone, all destroyed! But there was no way to save them. The sheer bulk of his research material was too great to be rescued from this swift, brutal, unpredicted attack.

                          Den's days roped da' Trig....Ma' Trig!!!!..Ma' War horse...
                          Trig toggled inta' da' thought of da' troll!!!Try ta' think's like em's...

                          Look Like em's.....

                          Try to show them that he, was a polka dotted horsey...

                          So quick like, Da' trig. extended a mec-han-Cal's arm thingy and grabbed a chunk of charcoal left over from the fire on which da' trolls roasted a dead cat. He attacked the nearest concrete wall, imprinting it with unmistakable symbols of his status as a creature of the brainy thingy, an intel-Lect-u-aul type horse.....

                          Trig started ta' calulat'in,,, ponder'in like,,,Dope mathamatics!,, the common language of all trollian scum bags . A language which must transcend any gulf, no matter how stuipid. His salvation! Why hadn't da' trig thought of it before? well's, he sketched out a half-horse shoe, then marked the right angle wid a triangle makes any time or warped out, spaced out troll try ta'attempt's to fill that half shoe to capacity.
                          "Thar!" said Da' trigger!!. "I too have a freaked out mind!"

                          Then the trolls knocked him off his hoofs, and the shock trolls tried ta' bang him inside and out,,, Da' Trig squeezed real tight like, till morn' da' sun come popp'in up's, in da' time he knew's it wud...It did and da' trolls dumped him in the bright hated sunlight.

                          When he tried to run , uniformed trolls tried ta' shut da' gate, They meant to rape him. But what was he supposed to do? I say??? I ask thou??, they regarded him as a easy lay...

                          . Yet their manner of dealing with the problem was irrational, daz fer'got Trig was a Stallion, a War horse, my horse!!! What was he going to do??: They mighta' kilt him, imprison him or cage da' poor boy, what could da' trig expect? Inevitably — he had no choice — he would build himself another box of atotha' demention in time and space, to sacrafice, ta' gamble wid' his pure Triggerian exsistance!! maybe somewhere else, maybe inta noth'in ness...

                          da' trig scraped and hooved,,, rummaged in da' gates of logic,,,da' trolls dumped their weopons, da' sun.... From it, he extracted a discarded container which still contained a little of sum stuffy, ladened wid otha' stuffy (as was often the case) with the remnants of melting fire cubes. He also found one of the mass-produced trollian chow sacks contain'in da' the bones of small, unknown green stuffy, some leaves still clinging to the branches
                          Nearby: a seat.
                          His plan, easy, do a little brows'in... sit. And eat. And drink. And then, while his researches were still fresh in memory, attempt the memorial reconstruction of his ruined post time in da time warp thingy, or so he thought!!!

                          But there was a problem: his brain was shrinking.

                          Yes, it was indisputable. Even as he stood there, his brain was shrivelling and shrink'in, contracting violently as it dehydrated'ed like. The trollian pharmaceuticals had got inside his skull and were compressing the miraculous machineries of his mind thingy. Already, his brain was no larger than a green grape!!!. Within the chamber of his skull, his brainy sat loose on a stick stand'in uneasy like,, un-supported (through a mechanism he could not clearly en-vis-age) by his neck bones things.

                          Da trig dinks ta' himself careful old War horse of da' admral, . Your brain is sitting there loose. One wrong step and you'll lose it, down a troll hole!!

                          He could see it. If once his brain spilt from that semi-polished skull thingy, then it would go rattling down to the dark spaces where the pee of his kidney echoed past da' calcified arch-itec-tuRe of his liver. It was terror, dad-blamed terror it was!!, to know his vulnerability. Make it to the seat, Trig. If you can make it to the seat without spilling your brain, you might have a chance, in hell's

                          Then: collision.
                          One of the trolls ran slap-blang into him, head on.
                          And, as his brain spilt, Da' Trig had the hall-ucin-atory's impression that one of the trolls actually spoke to him in Horsian tongue, dump'in only da' professor could do...

                          "Get away from me, you filthy old troll scum bag!!."

                          Trigs hallucination screamed!!
                          Den momentary hallucination passed, and the speech of the trolls was the same old meaningless blabb'in-blubb'in. And da' trig sat on the seat, listening to the minute o time, pass'in by...scratching —

                          Sounded like trolls chewing away at something inside the walls of a very oldbarn, da' trig thought— as the trollian technological thingies began to build something inside his boneheaded skull.
                          He had lost his brain. He could feel his brain very distinctly, sortta likes' it was stuck beside the herniated mass in his belly. No way to get it back. Never mind. In adversity, opportunity said da' Admiral and sun su. He would figure out how to dink without a brain. And he would translate the trollian tongue, and make himself a master of the trollian ways, and learn their secrets. And so, when the Fleet Admiral finally arrived, da' Trig would be bubbl'in or babbl'in all sorts of trollian secrets.... for team O...

                          "I may not think," said Da' trig, "but I am." at least a damn thingy dat can fly and dip in da' werm holes and pop ma' head to a different time....

                          It was a position to fight from, a place ta' trot, a place to stand, a place ta' bang a gud look'in philly. And, given that, in time,,,da' reciprocal O frequency,, he could bend all of reality to his lik'in,, his will.


                          Snaps out of it I demand.....
                          Yaz, got a look on ya's mug like ya' was on late night T.V. Show or dump'in...

                          Nows back ta Zulu 8, quad 2 sector 5..
                          We do one mo' fly ova' befer' hitt'in da' hay, I say.....
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                          Originally posted by mookster
                          Sully, usually I hafta glance over your posts cuz my brain would have issues with the imagery you portray, however with that one I get it. I agree one hundred percent with ya.
                          Originally posted by CityCopDC
                          I swear to god you are not human. I know a rogue VI when I see one.
                          Originally posted by OfficerDotCom
                          I think no one is probably happier than Sully and I that we ARE NOT the same person.(seriously thanking God for that one).

                          Old Physicists neva' die, they just hop on a horsey and fly away inta' an infinitely massive black ho ...


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                            Boing, Boing,, Pop, pop,PoP, Fizzz,, Fizz what a little turd it is...

                            Multi-purpose "hole"...
                            Originally posted by mookster
                            Sully, usually I hafta glance over your posts cuz my brain would have issues with the imagery you portray, however with that one I get it. I agree one hundred percent with ya.
                            Originally posted by CityCopDC
                            I swear to god you are not human. I know a rogue VI when I see one.
                            Originally posted by OfficerDotCom
                            I think no one is probably happier than Sully and I that we ARE NOT the same person.(seriously thanking God for that one).

                            Old Physicists neva' die, they just hop on a horsey and fly away inta' an infinitely massive black ho ...


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                              Looky MoMmY....

                              I'm a movie star peep....

                              See that Boyz..... Gawddamned drunk thinks he's one of them mov'in picture stars....

                              I is, ya' butthoLes...
                              Last edited by asullivan; 02-06-2012, 06:03 PM. Reason: secret movie star Biz....
                              Originally posted by mookster
                              Sully, usually I hafta glance over your posts cuz my brain would have issues with the imagery you portray, however with that one I get it. I agree one hundred percent with ya.
                              Originally posted by CityCopDC
                              I swear to god you are not human. I know a rogue VI when I see one.
                              Originally posted by OfficerDotCom
                              I think no one is probably happier than Sully and I that we ARE NOT the same person.(seriously thanking God for that one).

                              Old Physicists neva' die, they just hop on a horsey and fly away inta' an infinitely massive black ho ...


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