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Would you try to back out of this bet?


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  • Would you try to back out of this bet?

    Ok, so about a week or so before the NBA trade deadline I bet my friend $100 that the Utah J*** would NOT make the playoffs this year. He bet they would. He did however put a clause that would allow him out of the bet. I agreed to this. He said that Darron Williams, the J*** star player at that time, had to stay healthy for the remainder of the season. Then go figure one week later D-Will gets traded to the New Jersey Nets. Up to this point he has stayed healthy and the J*** are just about out of playoff contention. I asked him when he could get me that $100 and he said "I figured you would forget about the D-will clause of the bet," To which I replied, "D-will is still healthy,"

    He is now trying to say that what he meant was that D-Will had to be able to and actually playing for the J***. In his mind D-Will getting hurt and him getting traded are essentially the same thing because as the star player he is/would no longer be playing for the team.

    I feel he is trying to get out of the bet on a technicality by what he "meant" by adding the clause, and not by what he said and what I actually agreed to. All that being said, he is unwilling to pay me the $100 and I am fine with that because I am not going to let $100 ruin our friendship. I have decided to let it go. I just wanted to see what some objective 3rd party people had to say.

    We have agreed to go out to the bar and spend a minimum of $50 on ourselves, because he said if he won he was planning on buying us tickets to a playoff game and I was planning on taking him out for his 21st birthday lol.

    So, what say you?
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